2010 Visual Artists

Walter Aberson from Cary, NC produces hand thrown stoneware high fired pottery, from baking dishes to tea pots, to decorative items. His wood fired works an inviting, smooth, and traditional style.

Anderson Bailey from Chattanooga, TN, and loves using the texture and beauty of raw clay in designing each piece of pottery. Pieces are carefully amended off the wheel, in hopes of creating an intimate relationship between the pot and its user.

Bob Batura from Raleigh, NC, compliments burls and figured woods with solid domestic species for that special eye-appeal. His specialty is contemporary wood furniture and craft.

Sandra Beeman from Chapel Hill, NC creates handmade, lamp worked glass beads, buttons, and jewelry. Using surprising color combinations, she creates unique beads that are playful in color and design.

Gary Bender from Danville, VA creates handbags and accessories from dozens of materials including tapestries and velvet. The handbags are delicately embellished with beading, embroidery, buttons, and zippers.

  • Business Name: Dixie Bags
  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: A10-A11

Kat Benz collects all organic materials from around Durham, where she resides, to produce the dyes that are used in each intricately hand-woven basket.

  • Media: Basketweaving
  • Booth: F23

Joyce Branch from Waxhaw, NC has 30 years experience exploring clay. She loves variety and new techniques.

  • Business Name: Joyful Pots
  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: B17

Ashley Brodie from Durham, NC, produces beautiful, one of a kind jewelry, using eco-friendly materials. She often incorporates overlooked vintage objects into her work.

Joann Brown from Huger, SC, creates beautiful baskets made with sweet grass, pine needles, bulrush, and palm leaves. Producing each basket involves stitching with a spoon handle, into a design by building one row at a time.

  • Media: Basketweaving
  • Booth: B18

Lynn Burcher from Hillsborough, NC, Lynn makes glass jewelry combining fused and lamp work techniques, and loves making art for everyday use.

Natasha Caine from Wilmington, NC creates each piece of jewelry made with handcasted parts, beads, antique jewelry parts, and findings. She has coined her style as “Postmodern Victorian”.

  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: B07

Frances Carter from Durham specializes in fabric bags that are unique in design and pattern. She strives to reflect her lifelong fascination and passion for color, shape, texture, and design in her work.

  • Business Name: Fran Bags
  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: E16

Donna Cassidy from Raleigh, NC, creates fused and stained glass artwork. She uses her background in painting to inform her creations.

  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: E17

Tanya Casteel from Raleigh, NC uses white stoneware to produce hand molded or wheel made pottery. Her ability to mix her own glazes, make all her molds, and fire her pots is creatively accompanied by imagery that is carved, painted, or decaled to each functional piece.

Nell Chandler from Hillsborough, NC, has integrated painting, printmaking and metal fabrication into the art form of jewelry-making. Themes of different kinds of relationships and the different ways we like to travel through life together in explored in the art.
Business Name: Nell Chandler Jewelry
Nell Chandler Jewelry
Media: Jewelry

Zach Chen from Durham, wheel-throws stoneware clay to create majority of his work. When the clay is leather hard, I draw and carve a image to produce a “relief”, the images and pottery have an earthy and natural feel.

  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: B01

Garry Childs from Rougemont, NC, creates pots that are wheel thrown from Terra Cotta clay. The patterns are achieved by carving through the unfired glazes into the still damp clay, achieving a detailed and symmetrical look in each work.

Charles Chrisco from Little River, SC, produces wheel thrown pottery that is raku fired, along with using glaze and stain. Each piece has a precise design, with a modern flair.

  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: B11

Thomas Clark from Raleigh, NC makes his wood objects from domestic and exotic hardwood. He does not stain or dye anything, but seeks to emphasize the wood’s natural characteristics and beauty. His pieces are functional, decorative, and minimalist.

Herb Consolvo Edenton, NC makes his sculptures rolling out a slab of stoneware clay, then drawing his images on the clay, and then proceeding to form and shape the image by hand.

  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: D03

Ann Marie Crosmun from Durham, NC creates woven bead and precious metal jewelry She creates new classic styles for both men and women.

George Danser from Durham, creates 3D objects of art by stacking, abutting, and interleafing specially formulated colored glass, and melting it in a kiln. His creations include sculpture, vessels or jewelry.

  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: A01

Jamie Davidson from Greenville, NC is a free lance nature photographer. Her images capture intimate details that the natural world so beautifully provides.

Sheron Davis from Decatur, GA originally designs stained glass using the copper foil method & plating technique. Each piece evolves as she work on it so each is guaranteed to be unique.

Teddy Devereux, from Durham, NC, fuses glass pieces by melting them at 1400-1500 degrees, with strict temperature control at all stages. She then takes into account what colors go well together, and whether to use transparent or opaque glass, and glass with an iridized or dichroic surface. Each glass production varies greatly.

Debi Dwyer from Boone, NC creates captivating pieces with hand rolled art glass that display vibrant color and texture. Her pieces include 3-d stained glass butterflies, fairies, Tiffany lamps, and 2-d window pieces.

  • Business Name: Debi Dwyer Designs
  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: G07

Ben Dyer from Hillsborough, NC creates gold earrings, one of a kind brooches, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Gordon Ekback from Boone, NC is a traditional wood turner creating both artistic and functional works. He uses highly sought native woods and burls in his work, and also creates slab tables in the style of Nakashima.

  • Media: Wood
  • Booth: S14

Susan Ellis from Pawley’s Island, SC, hand dyes silk scarves using the arashi or pole-wrapping method of Shibori. A wide range of bright colors and patterns are used in producing each unique scarf.

Susan Evans from Chapel Hill, NC creates 3-D mosaic birdhouses, mirrors, vessels, and button bouquets, incorporating tumbled antique glass pottery along with iconic, utilitarian, everyday items.

  • Business Name: Tumbled Shards
  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: B09

Ed Fadool from Burlington, NC wants to grow as an artist expressing what he sees through color. His work includes oil on canvas landscape and still paintings.

John Fetvedt from Raleigh, NC, works as a team with his partner Betty to produce pieces made of silver, gold, titanium, glass, and fiber. Their techniques are expansive including Kumihimo braiding.

John Furches from Elkin, NC uses printmaking to capture the world around him; both natural and manmade. His works are original hand drawn zinc plate etchings.

Kenny Glenn is a painter specializing in primarily watercolor from Rougemont, NC. As a full-time artist he creates realistic images themed Southern Living.

  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: S15

Steve Goodspeed is a self-taught jeweler from Buckingham, VA. He has been a full-time jeweler for 20 years and focuses in the oriental techniques of mokume gane and kuem boo.

  • Business Name: Steve Goodspeed Jewelry
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: E10

William E. Gramley from Lewisville, NC seeks to convey the vivid colors of nature. He focuses on the contrasts of light and dark in an Impressionist style.

  • Business Name: Mostly Pastels
  • Media: Drawing
  • Booth: E12

Jamie Hagenberger from Hillsborough, NC, creates brilliantly colored photograms, only possible by working in total darkness. The artist uses natural objects laid photosensitive paper and the process begins.

John Harmon from Roaring Gap, NC is a fine art photographer who uses both conventional and digital darkroom techniques.

Deborah Harris from Chapel Hill, uses porcelain as the clay body to create her functional ware. Traditional Asian glazes are used to create a blend of far and near, old and new.

Jan Harris from Durham NC makes functional handpainted pottery. Works include paintings of floral designs, and nature.

Sylvia Harrison from Oxford, NC creates hand-built and thrown stoneware that is not only functional by also beautifully decorative.

Steven Hazard in North Charleston, SC, works to create original objects, wall panels, furniture & jewelry in kiln-formed glass. He shapes individual fragments, and constructs colorful abstract compositions that are kiln-fired, once to fuse the glass into panels and finally fired again to shape the glass.

  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: S10

Laurie Hein is an oil painter from Palm Beach Gardens, FL, who paints energy and authority to capture light, excite with color, and direct your eye with design and delight your senses.
Business Name:

Media: Painting

Kelvin Henderson from Suitland, MD creates spiritual and musical abstract images for the enjoyment of all. His work includes acrylic paintings.

Steve Herbolich from Greensboro, NC, is the creator of an original game called ASKEW! Each game is individually sculpted, and is a family friendly game with original rules by the artist himself, incorporating balance.

  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: D05

Jennifer James from Durham NC, strives to design with unusual and unique beads in order to offer truly one-of-a-kind pieces that suit any personality.

Jay Jones is a Greensboro, NC, artist, who creates mobiles into patterns from leaves. Patterns are laid out on copper, traced and cut by hand, the mobile is assembled after the leaves are given a chance to turn colors.

  • Business Name: J F Mobiles
  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: C07

Chuck Kaiser from Lancaster, PA, produces work that is an exploration of the batik process as the primary component of a mixed media approach to contemporary art.

Janice Kalin from Durham, NC is a mom creating thoughtful toys and accessories to challenge children’s mind, motor skills, creativity, and imagination. Lots of love is poured into each one.

Martin Kampitch from New Bern NC, uses brass, copper, steel in his sculpture. Designs are cut out of metal with dyes and plasma, and metal is dapped & twisted for effect.

Craig Kassan from Franklington, NC, pushes his creative boundaries and uses Lathe turned wall sculptures arranged as triptychs and mounted to an applied metal background.

Kimberly D. Kearney from Raleigh, NC designs woven bead jewelry created with a needle and thread, using an off-loom bead weaving that is a centuries old cross cultural art form.

  • Business Name: Wild Woman Designs
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: A17

Kyle Keeler from Fletcher, NC is a lampwork glassblower recently moved from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to the Appalachian Mountains of NC. Inspired by the great outdoors, Kyle attempts to capture the beauty of the natural world and recreate it in his glass work.

Robyn Kelly and her partner Betsey Ervin are from Raleigh, NC. They use their expertise to nourish mind & soul by creating one of a kind handbags and belt buckles.

  • Business Name: Two Chicks
  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: C08

Fred Kessler from Mt Pleasant, NC uses a flat piece of steel to create animal and plant sculptures that are full of fun and personality.

  • Business Name: Storied in Steel
  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: G05

Kathy King is a Cary, NC, artist, creating jewelry weaved from tiny glass beads. She uses her own off-loom bead weaving techniques combined with traditional techniques to develop one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

Arthur Koch from Durham is an underwater Photographer. He prints his vivid images on fine art paper, canvas and acrylic, and his works are full of sea life in both plant and animal form.

Curtis Krueger from Wilmington, NC is a traditionalist obsessed with photographing his neighbors’ garden chair in all 50 states.

Eduardo Lapetina from Chapel Hill, NC uses symbolic shapes and colors to express his deepest emotions and passion for life. He uses color to allure an imaginative and subtle spatial elusiveness.

Jay Lebow is a Boiling Spring, SC, photographer who captures break taking images of floral still life. Many of his works are limited edition.

  • Media: Photography
  • Booth: G09

Letitia Lee is a Hampton, VA native who creates paintings in vivid, energized colors through her life experiences.

Andria Linn is a Durham resident who paints with both acrylic and gel medium. She produces joyful and bright images on canvas that reflect life, love, joy, and relationships.

Elan Smadar Livne from Owings Mills, MD creates artwork inspired by gardens, music, dancers, cityscapes, and Judaica. Her artwork is acrylic on canvas with fabric collage in a multip-layer composition.

Jo Lovvorn from Hillsborough, NC thinks that creating in clay is pure joy. Her aim is to capture the joy and feel of the creative process and convey that to others. She creates wheel thrown, altered soda fired functional pottery and decorative items for the home.

Christine Lush-Rodriguez from Fredericksburg, VA produces brightly colored, handmade ceramic sculptures inspired by oceanic creatures and plant life.

  • Business Name: Fruitoids
  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: F18

Stuart Madey from Raleigh, NC paints on either canvas or gessoed wood panels with oil. Newer works have focused on musicians, portraying groups of musicians and the interaction of these groups with each other and their surroundings.

  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: F10

Marek Majewski from Cape Coral, FL, produces brilliant jewelry including necklaces, earrings, and pins. The artist’s focus is the use of gold and silver with real Baltic amber.

  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: S12

Kathleen Master from Holly Springs, NC is a painter with a unique style. She creates whimsical works by using watercolor blended with pastel and raw pigment on heavy cotton rag with emulsion transfer.

  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: E05

Janine Maves from Raleigh, NC, is a mixed media artist who focuses on the ancient art of silk painting. Due to the very thin nature of silk dyes and the transparency of the silk, there is no room for error — once you start, you must work quickly to keep the color flowing before it dries.

Alison McCandless from Durham, NC creates beautiful baby hats, felted bags and scarves from yarns blended with organic fibers such as soy wool, bamboo, and cotton!

  • Business Name: Knitted Art
  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: F15

Alison McCauley from Wake Forest, NC, is a representational painter, capturing the light in genre scenes and landscapes.

Laurie McNair from Raleigh, NC, is a part-time potter, with a full-time passion to create hand crafted, original pieces of art work for special occasions.

  • Business Name: Hokulele Pottery
  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: E21

Valeria Merrell is from Williamsport, NC hand knits all items by using the continental knitting technique. Items are made of both natural and synthetic materials to create unique texture and color mixes.

  • Business Name: Valknitz
  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: G03

Brett Miley from Frostproof, FL, is a photographer and digital artist. He creates mandalas by using digital slices of my photos of imperiled species, and then digitally placed on a background of a photo of charred wood.

  • Business Name: Ecoridge
  • Media: Photography
  • Booth: B04

Bruce Mitchell from Durham, is an oil painter producing all original works by hand. When the artist uses reference photos in his work, he is sure to take them himself.

William H Moore from Burlington, NC creates carved wooden animals and functional turnings. For William, to see and feel an animal appear from a block of wood is most rewarding and, he says, “I have to carve animals”.

  • Media: Wood

Dave Mosbacher from Appomattox, VA, constructs work that is all high fired stoneware. Every piece is completed by carefully by the artist- from the mixing of the clay to the unloading of the kiln.

Dan Murphy from Chapel Hill, NC is an abstract metal artist for 32 years, fulltime, since 1976 with sculpture, adding jewelry 4 years ago.

  • Media: Sculpture Jewelry
  • Booth: F07

Elliot Norman from Richmond, VA specializes in high-fire stoneware pottery. He produces both functional and decorative stoneware fired to cone 11 with a large variety of glazes.

  • Business Name: Bear Paw Pottery
  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: B16

David O’Neal from Raleigh, NC creates Native American style flutes using modern methods that draw upon ancient tradition.

Mo OGrady from Asheville, NC, creates innovative clothing items. These range from Hand-wovens, to knits & used denim mixed with a unique collage made of dyed and screen-printed fabrics.

  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: A19

Will Olney from Wilmington, NC desires to make aesthetically pleasing objects for people to adorn themselves with and cherish.

  • Business Name: Olney Originals
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: A12

Christos Palios from Catonsville, MD has created a distinct design of panoramic view photography. The process captures the complete lighting spectrum and simulate real-world lighting and color richness experienced by the wondrous human eye.

Ginnie Parrish from Cary, NC creates millefiori designs using polymer clay, which satisifies her fascination with colorful, intricate patterns. She adds beads, wire, feathers or charms to her artwork and creates fun-spirited pieces.

Molly Pasca from Durham, NC strives for simple forms and clean lines. She hopes that people derive pleasure from using her contemporary, functional, and decorative pottery.

Joann Penning from Durham, is a painter, drawn to how sunlight transforms the world around us. Whether in the muted sunlight of the early morning, a soft mist is visible rising out of a newly plowed field, or, how a tight shaft of light sparkles against a cocoon.

  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: E11

Hans Peterson is from Rock Hill SC. Each colorful painting is made using acrylic paint, oil stick and pencil on canvas. With most works, the paint is applied mostly by brush.

  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: A15

Donald Portschy from Greensboro, NC creates contemporary and realistic metal sculpture wall hangings. His work is realistic and abstract with sizes ranging from 1 to 5 feet.

  • Business Name: Don's Designs
  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: E01

Darius Quarles from Durham NC, creates the majority of his works through inspiration from both dreams and everyday life. He then sketches his ideas onto the canvas using contour shapes, using colors and additional images are added based on his original lines.

Kevin Ritter from Saint Petersburg, FL creates useful yet beautiful artwork through a mixed media technique to produce clock. The clocks are made from original color pencil drawings with hand built painted elements.

Clifford Robinson from Durham, is a wood working artist specializing in hand-built jewelry boxes.

  • Business Name: Robinson Woodworks
  • Media: Wood
  • Booth: B14

Mikel Robinson from Durham, creates photography-based mixed media works on panel, and also photography-based wearable art pieces utilizing vintage and found objects.

Laurie Saldarini from Greensboro, NC Hand painted silk scarves inspired by nature; painted floral designs using bright colors to create wearable art.

  • Business Name: Mod Silk
  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: E04

Gail Schaefer from Hillsborough, NC, designs both functional and decorative majolica pottery. The interplay of clay body, decoration and glaze yields the vibrant colors.

Tanya Schreiber from Durham, NC creates colorful, functional mosaic pieces for the home and garden using stained glass, ceramic tile, beads and mirrors.

  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: E13

Allison Schroeder from Madison Heights, VA uses traditional metal-smithing techniques, sterling and copper, semi-precious stones and some clay and glass elements to create her carefully constructed jewelry.

Victoria Sexton from Greenville, NC, loves using rich colors in her Slab-built, clay finish sculptures. Her work captures viewers with its intricacy and consistent style.

Paul Shatz from Charleston, SC creates black and white photography that celebrates the spirit of conservation and preservation in the natural landscape.

Doug Smith from Candler, NC, makes all his forms on a pottery wheel. He uses white stoneware clay as his canvas, and vibrant multi-layered glazes to bring a complexity and richness to my surfaces that reveals something new every time it is used.

  • Business Name: Doug Smith
  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: F19

Nelson Smith from Rocky Mount, NC creates pieces of sculpture which represent the world around us. He says: “I have distinct images in my mind that I am able to reproduce within the metal”.
Business Name: Nelson R. Smith “METAL
Media: Sculpture

  • Business Name: Nelson R. Smith "METAL"
  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: E06

Renee Snell from Sanford, NC is a graphic designer who creates handmade lampwork beads from Italian glass and uses them to make one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

Mesa Somer from Durham, NC is a writer/photographer who has recently discovered the narrative, lyrical beauty of gum bichromate printing.

Jim Sprinkle from Charlottesville, VA, has a passion for the art of segmented turning. This involves fitting and gluing many small pieces of wood into a rough shape which is then mounted on the lathe, turned and finished.

Zoell Star from Durham, NC uses a method of melting rods and pieces of glass in a torch, shaping them into various beads, pendants and sculptures.

Nataliya Strumila from Burlington, NC, loves to create jewelry inspired by Mother Nature that will always remind us of the beauty surrounding us in our everyday lives.

  • Business Name: Colors of Russia
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: S07

Darcy Szeremi from Durham, NC Copper, brass and sterling silver jewelry – Expressive imagery in metal, along with using semi-precious cabochons and freshwater pearls.

Li Tang from Winder, GA, a traditional photographer has captured incredible images all over the world. Most of the photos are taken with medium and large format camera, E6 slide and RA-4 print processing.

  • Media: Photography
  • Booth: B06

Macon Thornton from Wilmington, NC uses methods to combine gemstones, freshwater pearls, and sterling silver in unique designs that are distinctive and organically elegant.

Matt Tomko a painter from Durham, works with to oil and create the fine details of nature’s beauty. He often start with an under painting to work out composition and values before applying the appropriate tints and strokes to create details.

Francis Vega from Durham, with partner Neal Carlton, enhances any garden space with metal garden art and furniture. Shapes include butterflies, dragonflies, and flowers.

  • Business Name: Vega Metals
  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: A25

Cynthia Walker from Black Mountain, NC, is semi abstract in style, her photos are an attempt to expose the hidden simplicity in the natural world. She uses natural lighting, no digital enhancements.

Patrick Walsh from Edison, NJ, creates hundreds of individual photographs pieced together. Flattened out images that show us what we only perceive in our peripheral vision.

Joe Walston is a photographer from Durham, all aspects of the process of photography are a part of the artistry of his work. The subject matter is a variety of objects and scenes found in nature.

Lubov Warrack from Greensboro, NC, produces Plique-à-jour, in which a fine filigree vessel is fired after application of colored enamel pastes. Pieces vary greatly in appearance and style.

  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: F05

Pamela Watts from Liberty, NC, is a still life watercolor artist. She uses Arches 140 lb and 300 lb cold press paper, and paints from live set ups and her own photography work.
Business Name:
Media: Painting

Linda Welch from Brewster, MA, creates one of a kind antique button jewelry, with buttons dating from the mid 1800’s through the 1950’s.

Jim Whalen

Jim Whalen from Horse Shoe, NC, creates pots to represent his desire to unite the forces of nature with the forms of the subconscious, exploring and expressing the connection between the two. Jim is the 2010 CenterFest Best in Show Winner.

Lana Williams from Monroe, VA, has the specialty of crystalline glazed porcelain.
It is wheel thrown and electric fired to produce zinc silicate crystals floating within the glaze, producing a wide range of crystal colors in random patterns.

Kiona Wilson from Raleigh NC creates jewelry pieces using vintage wallpaper, origami paper, vintage postage stamps, sometimes collaged with words or letters, soldered behind glass.

Richard D. Wilson, Jr. from Greenville, NC is an international award winning artist with a vision to inspire and uplift others through the message of his well crafted pastel paintings on wallis sanded pastel paper.

William Wise is a Durham painter who is committed to creating images that investigate the spiritual condition of life. He creates acrylic and oil paintings on canvas.

Jean Yao is from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and practices traditional and vertical weaving. Her works are palm baskets, using only natural palm tree materials from State of Florida.

  • Media: Basketweaving
  • Booth: G11

Deborah Younglao is a Cary, NC resident, using silk fabric to produce works of art. The precise work of her dying is then set to be made to permanent and mounted stretched canvas or finished as art quilts.