2012 Visual Artists

Larry Allen is a potter from Leeds, AL. He makes functional wheel thrown stoneware pieces that are decorated with the sgraffito design technique, creating vibrant and captivating detailed red vessels.

  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: C50

Sally Anger from Newport, NC creates large, abstracted acrylic paintings of the human face. Through the manipulation of texture and color, she asks the viewer to take a new look at the traditional subject matter.

Jane Axman-Hyner of Fayetteville, PA is a photographer who strives to capture the beautiful moments that occur on the horizon and on waters’ edge.

Bob Batura from Raleigh, NC combines woods with contrasting grains, textures, and colors, forming contemporary furniture and pieces for home decoration.

Sandra Beeman from Chapel Hill, NC enjoys surprising color combinations and the playfulness of light, which she creates through the process of making hand-formed glass beads, which she uses in her jewelry.

Jim Biond of Jacksonville, FL uses pure silver and selected gemstones to craft contemporary pendants and chains inspired by traditional shapes and styles.

Adrienne Blum from Earlysville, VA arranges colorful powdered glass and then fires the pieces, creating a fused glass picture.

Rebecca Board of Chapel Hill, NC makes a variety of types of detailed jewelry pieces. She specializes in colorful and bold hand-knit beaded bracelets.

  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: A10

Ashley Brodie from Durham, NC uses sustainable materials to reflect antique forms and the passage of time in her elegant and simple pieces.

Lynn Burcher from Hillsborough, NC enjoys manipulating glass in new and creative ways to form attractive pieces that she then uses in jewelry making.

Cantave Casseus of Kissimme, FL makes work that reflects styles and life in the Caribbean Islands. He paints with tropical oils onto canvas and metal in the hopes of bringing laughter to those who see his work.

Donna Cassidy from Raleigh, NC uses fused, slumped, and painted glass to create colorful hanging pieces that combine geometry, pattern, and glimpses of the natural world.

  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: C43

Nell Chandler of Hillsborough, NC creates jewelry from embellished sterling silver, brass, and copper. Her specialty is with polyshrink resin, allowing her to create a painted picture within the pieces.

Jean Chapman from Fuquay Varina, NC uses scrap metal, including ordinary nuts, bolts and screws. He welds and twists the found metal pieces together to make playful sculptures of animals, plants, and automobiles.

Kevin Chen from Wilmington, NC paints with naturally colored inks onto handmade rice paper, creating vibrant scenes of idealized environments.

  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: C51

Garry Childs from Rougemont, NC has thirty-five years of practice behind him, as he makes wheel thrown Terra Cotta Pottery, and then glazes and carves each piece to add vibrant detailing.

Thomas Clark from Raleigh, NC makes functional objects that show the natural colors and grain of domestic and imported woods.

Pui-Lan Cockman of Asheboro, NC paints with watercolor and Chinese ink brushes onto rice paper to create beautiful images inspired by nature.

  • Business Name: Pui-Lan Art
  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: C57

Herbert Consolvo from Edenton, NC draws, cuts, and shapes his ocean-themed sculptures out of stoneware clay before firing the objects and glazing the pieces with a unique, colorful style.

  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: D7

David Cote from Virginia Beach, VA is a fine art and landscape photographer. He aims to capture beauty and draw attention to the ordinary objects that people often overlook.

Sonya Coulson Rook of Raleigh, NC combines metals and found objects to make detailed jewelry that depicts figures at play, active animals, and landscapes of various kinds.

CJ Daniels from Bossier City, LA is a digital photographer who claims that growing up near the Appalachian Mountains caused him to fall in love with Mother Nature. His photographs are an effort to capture the wonders of the American landscape.

George Danser from Durham, NC uses “a very hot kiln and the simple property of gravity” to melt together various types of layered glass creating colorful sculptures, vessels, and jewelry.

  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: C34

Jamie Davidson from Greenville, NC is a photographer who focuses on details in an attempt to capture the vibrant colors and subtle rarities of the natural world.

Hanna de Volska from Fort Worth, TX lets the shape and size of beautiful amber pieces dictate the construction of her jewelry. She designs items that will best display the splendor of amber.

  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: B35

Doug Delind of Mason, MI makes fragmented sculptures out of Raku fired clay. He uses neutral colors and abstract techniques to create both free standing and hanging figurative pieces.

  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: C27

Alice DeLisle is a sculptor from Raleigh, NC who uses slab, coil, and wheel-throwing techniques to make decorative and functional pieces out of stoneware clay.

  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: B7

Maria Downton of Durham, NC uses a wide range of colored glass to create decorative and functional pieces of art. Her graphic technique is often influenced by nature.

  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: A11

Mark Ellis from Charlotte, NC makes wooden birdhouses inspired by 1950s architecture. He uses a variety of wood types to create his idealized homes for birds.

  • Media: Wood
  • Booth: C14

Ed Fadool from Burlington, NC paints landscapes and idyllic scenes using rich and exaggerated color to provoke curiosity and intrigue in his viewers.

  • Business Name: Ed Fadool
  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: D6

Lawrence Feir from Greensboro, NC has a wide background in the arts, but is currently working as a sculptor. His pieces are mostly figurative and kinetic sculptures made of welded steel.

FRANCO of Durham, NC combines art and social behaviors to produce a genre he calls visual activism. He creates his graphic and bold works with the hope to promote awareness, discussion, and change in society.

Michael Frasca from Harrodsburg, KY makes stoneware clay items fired with wood ash glazes. He experiments with alterations of traditional wheel thrown objects to find new shapes and forms of balance.

  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: B11

John Givvines of Alexander NC uses tape-resist and his own glazes to make pottery with bold geometric designs and colors.

  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: B5

Amy Goldstein-Rice from Inman, SC builds figurative and narrative clay sculptures, altered and decorated with additional objects to make colorful and playful figurines.

Linda Gourley from Dry Fork, VA is a printmaker who uses the techniques of aquatint etchings and collographing to make uplifting and playful images.

Santiago Gutierrez from Zebulon, NC combines contemporary inspirations with his Nicoya Indian heritage to make colorfully embellished clay vessels and decorative items.

  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: C5

Jamie Hagenberger of Hillsborough, NC makes innovative photograms of flowers and foliage. The process is an antique technique that creates unique images with vibrant colors contrasted against a black background.

Jenn Hales is a painter from Raleigh, NC who uses acrylic pigments on wood panels to create playful and illustrative scenes of life and nature.

  • Business Name: Jenn Hales
  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: C6

Deborah Harris of Chapel Hill, NC is a potter who uses traditional and contemporary porcelain techniques to create elegant, yet functional pieces decorated with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean glazes.

Sylvia Harrison from Oxford, NC loves learning new techniques and layering colored glazes over her wheel thrown and hand built functional stoneware pottery.

Kirsten Hausman from Durham, NC crafts delicate paper flowers that can be arranged and displayed in a wide variety of functional and decorative ways.

Lorri Honeycutt is a macro photographer from Austin, TX who entertains the viewer through the creation of whimsical images with posed miniature figurines placed in humorous settings.

Wayland House of Durham, NC is a printmaker who creates limited edition woodblock prints inspired by his personal life experiences.

Jennifer James from Woodstock, GA experiments with science and art in her playful attempt to create wearable yet artistic jewelry.

Jennifer Leigh James from Durham, NC is a jewelry who uses a wide range of materials, including gemstones, lampwork glass, and reclaimed vintage to make bold contemporary pieces.

John Johnson from North Myrtle Beach, SC creates hand thrown functional pottery. He uses various techniques to manipulate the surfaces of his pieces, adding an aesthetic quality to the practical objects.

Jay Jones from Greensboro, NC makes decorative copper mobiles, inspired by nature and leaves. He cuts, hammers, polishes and colors the copper to create interesting texture and hue variations.

Janice Kalin of Durham, NC uses felted wool and upcycled fabrics to make cute accessories and attractive educational items for children. From animal backpacks to train wall hangings, she makes something for everyone.

  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: D5

Kimberly Kearney from Raleigh, NC hand-weaves beaded jewelry to create delicate and beautiful art to wear. Glass beads, crystals, and pearls make each woven item a unique treasure.

Kathy King from Cary, NC creates woven jewelry by stitching small glass beads together using a needle and thread. Her original designs are influenced by traditional patterns and the beauty of the beads.

Eduardo Lapetina of Chapel Hill, NC layers paints on canvas by pouring, dripping, splashing, and scratching in an effort to communicate emotions and feelings through abstract designs.

Anita Larko from Carolina Beach, NC is a potter who focuses on wheel thrown stoneware and porcelain functional objects.

Madison Latimer from Donalds, SC enjoys conveying emotions and energies through her creative animal paintings. She creates in an effort to spread laughter and joy.

Jenn Lazar of Lake Mary, FL is a jeweler that creates her own pendants through a three-day fusion process involving image transfers and gemstones.

Andria Linn from Durham, NC paints with bright acrylics and gel mediums to create cheerful and positive designs on canvas that share her love of nature and life with others. Andria Linn is the 2010 Citizens’ Choice Award Winner.

  • Business Name: AndriaLinn
  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: A12

Debbie Little of Winston Salem, NC likes to experiment with addition, subtraction, texture, and pattern to make aesthetically pleasing, functional clay pottery.

Elan Smadar Livne from Owings Mills, MD layers fabrics and paints, stories and poems onto mixed media collages, conveying a different meaning in each piece. She makes an effort to change styles and evolve constantly, regularly producing new styles.

Melissa Lowery from Zebulon, NC embellishes and alters upcycled, organic, and reclaimed metals and materials to create interesting and eco-friendly jewelry.

Andrea and Rolf Ludden of Gatlinburg, TN are a family team, working together to craft structured metal jewelry. They layer and manipulate a variety of metals, using traditional techniques to produce modern pieces.

Stuart Madey from Raleigh, NC paints with oils on gessoed wood, in an attempt to capture his subjects in a manner that reflects their character and personality.

  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: B26

Steven Malone from Syracuse, NY makes one of a kind journals and bags by combining leather and linen parchment in 18th century styles.

Lauren Markley from Raleigh, NC uses a wide range of hardware, materials and surface techniques to make jewelry that contemplates architecture, decay, and structure.

Jena Matzen from Durham, NC creates simple yet eye-catching jewelry to be worn on any occasion. She combines metals with resins, enamels, and stones to add texture and color to her pieces.

  • Business Name: JMDesign
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: D4

Alison McCandless from Durham, NC makes hand knit wearable items out of natural and organic fibers. Her functional creations are cheerful and fun.

  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: A14

Fraser McFarlane is a photographer from Virginia Beach, VA who captures scenic moments that depict the beauty and splendor of the USA and Scotland.

Linda McGurn from Waynesville, NC makes hand knit, loomed, woven, and felted wearable clothing and accessories, with unusual colors and patterns.

  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: C55

Lealon McLeod from Inman, SC starts by drawing on bristol board before adding India ink and bright watercolors to form peaceful paintings of homes, barns, and natural settings.

  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: B32

Brian Miller from Baton Rouge, LA enjoys photographing what he sees around him. He has worked with National Geographic, and he travels the world capturing the most beautiful scenes he can find.

Bruce Mitchell is a painter from Durham, NC who works with realism and abstraction. His realistic pieces examine relationships between humans and their constructed environment.

Liz Mitchell of Fuquay Varina, NC is a jewelry who creates her own unique glass beads using a torch, glass rods, silver foil, and other eye-catching materials.

Cynthia Mollenkopf is a felt artist from Cary, NC. In felt making, compressed fibers are packed together, creating a nonwoven fabric, which is then used to make both functional and decorative pieces of art.

  • Business Name: ArtiFelts
  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: C11

William Moore from Burlington, NC studies the physical characteristics and movements of animals to create detailed and accurate wooden carvings of a wide range of creatures.

  • Media: Wood
  • Booth: A8

Timothy Moran from Danville, VA makes wheel thrown and sculpted clay pieces, decorated with crystalline glazes. He combines creative decorative elements with functional pieces to create unique stoneware items.

Jayne Morgan from Hoover, AL paints with bright and cheerful colors, making ordinary objects seem extraordinary.

Micah Mullen of Raleigh, NC layers geometric shapes and patterns in a range of colors to create unique paintings that depict scenery and landscapes of the American South.

James Nelson is an oil painter from Raleigh, NC who paints soft and inviting outdoor scenes and still lives. He aims to capture a feeling in his work, as well as an image.

Laura Nigro from Grant, FL experiments with metal and semi-precious stones in a playful attempt to find balance in her asymmetrical works of wearable art.

David O’Neal from Raleigh, NC uses wood, stone and shell to create beautifully crafted and completely functional flutes, reminiscent of Native American techniques and tradition.

Tiffany Ownbey from Rutherfordton, NC uses a variety of objects, including sewing patterns, books, and papier-mâché to form figurative sculptures that study human interactions and memories.

Leon Oziel from North Miami Beach, Florida makes glass jewelry that displays the beauty and intricacy of gold, silver, gemstones, and diamonds. He uses the stones as centerpieces to inspire large statement items finished off with custom colorful resins.

  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: A19

Catherine Palomba of Durham, NC creates abstract paintings by combining various textures and colors. American and European printmakers inspired her layered and expressive technique.

  • Business Name: CNP Artists
  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: C26

Virginia Parrish from Cary, NC uses a millefiori technique to make unique designs that can be included in beads, pendants, boxes, and other playful creations.

Molly Pasca from Durham, NC loves the process of making her pottery, and enjoys sharing her art with others. She works to find shapes and colors that are inviting and appealing to the senses.

Pamela Peterson from Kailua, HI uses various techniques including bead weaving, metalwork, chain mail, and wire wrapping paired with stones, crystals, and imported beads and shells to make intricately detailed statement pieces.

  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: B25

Linda Pfeifer of Garner, NC draws with ink, using only small dots to create an image. The combination of hundreds of these dots produces drawings that appear incredibly detailed and almost photographic.

Nestor Pineda of High Point, NC strives to create beautiful and eco-friendly wearable jewelry, using seeds, recycled materials, and fibers to make bold statement pieces.

Michelle Prahler of Atlanta, GA uses oils, watercolors and paper to create collage based artworks influenced by murals and flowers.

Christopher Proto from Southern Shores, NC makes wheel-thrown, functional, stoneware pottery, detailed with deep surface textures that reflect natural and organic shapes.

Darius Quarles of Durham, NC uses bright colors and fluid shapes, layered onto canvas to create vibrant and energetic abstract paintings.

Jean-Baptiste Regnard of Baltimore, MD hand draws whimsical images, which he manually prints onto wearable items for all ages, offering individuals an alternative to typical mass-produced clothing.

  • Business Name: SquidFire
  • Media: Printmaking
  • Booth: A28

Bruce Reinfeld from Philadelphia, PA takes black and white photographs of outdoor scenes, which he then airbrushes with a single color to create a unique effect.

Dan Reiser from Fairview, NC is a jeweler who designs his own jewels and beads, inspired by Egyptian and Aztec cultures, as well as Art Deco styles.

  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: D12

Suzie Ririe from Star, NC makes mostly functional items using traditional Venetian techniques for hand blown glass.

  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: B16

Patrick Robertson from Charlotte, NC creates charismatic and whimsical functional boxes, ornamented with colorful hybrid animal miniatures.

  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: C44

Mikel Robinson of Asheville, NC combines many different materials, working in gradual layers to create pieces that reflect both the old and the new in a manner that is nostalgically familiar.

Fatou Sall from Capitol Heights, MD uses rabanne and leather to handcraft functional yet creative and fun hats and handbags.

  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: A32

Gail Schaefer of Hillsborough, NC makes functional ceramic pottery, hand-built and wheel thrown, and then colorfully decorated in the majolica style.

Victoria Sexton from Greenville, NC builds expressive figurative sculptures out of slab clay and paints them with acrylics to create a bold and colorful finish.

Jill Shank of Ault, CO makes her own beads using Italian Moreitti glass rods. She then uses the colorful and bold beads in her fun jewelry.

Carol Joy Shannon from Raleigh, NC paints large abstracted scenes of landscapes and architectural cityscapes. She uses geometric patterns and bright colors to depict real and idealized locations.

Fatima Sharrieff from Tampa, FL is a freeform jeweler who uses silver and gold wires with gemstones, forming jewelry inspired by the beauty of the gems.

Nelson Smith from Rocky Mount, NC uses sterling and stainless metals to create freestanding and wall sculptures, jewelry, vases, and mobiles that play with energy and balance.

  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: C21

Karen Smith-Diara from Charlotte, NC finds inspiration in nature, structures and different cultural variations. She embellishes her jewelry, adding texture to her simply modern pieces.

Susan Soleil from Chapel Hill, NC learned the craft of bookbinding in Florence, Italy. She makes leather bound journals and book craft items.

Mesa Somer from Durham, NC uses gum printing – a historical photo process – to develop her thought provoking and nostalgic images.

  • Media: Photography
  • Booth: B39

Elizabeth Swing of Greensboro, NC crochets and stitches friendly stuffed animals, specially made of recycled and eco-friendly materials.

Darcy Szeremi of Durham, NC handcrafts jewelry with sterling silver, semi-precious stones, and fresh water pearls. She uses a wide variety of techniques to create representative jewelry that captures nature, animals, and spiritual images.

  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: D18

Macon Thornton of Wilmington, NC is a jeweler who uses gemstones and silver in an effort to create individual pieces that emphasize the organic and natural wonder of the materials.

Matt Tomko of Durham, NC paints in thin layers to create detailed and realistic artworks. Nature and wildlife fascinate him, and his paintings portray this life-long desire to keep nature close.

Greg Turco of Jefferson, GA captures images of the patterns, details, and beautiful oddities of otherwise overlooked and seemingly ordinary objects.

Mike Tuziw is a photographer from Hot Springs, NC who plays with color and exposure to capture engaging images of the natural world.

Barbara and Rick Umbel from Melbourne Beach, FL embrace the beauties of the beach in their detailed and intricate designs. They work together creating one-of-a-kind pieces that capture the colors of sea.

Kiona van Rhee-Wilson of Raleigh, NC enjoys simple elegance in her jewelry designs. Much of her work is inspired by her world travels, and her materials often include vintage wallpaper, postage stamps, and coins from a range of currencies.

Kathy Veverka from Florence, SC throws stoneware pottery, and decorates each piece with calming lines and sculpted flowers and leaves.

  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: B18

Justin Vowell of Monteagle, TN paints playful and thought-provoking pieces, which often offer social commentary. His paintings allow viewers to examine life from a new perspective.

Jeffrey Waller from Buckhead, GA specializes in intarsia – to inlay – and he uses this technique in his mosaic style wood art. He uses movement and bright colors to force viewers to take a second look.

Grace Wang of Cary, NC paints with bold colors and expressionistic techniques in a creative attempt to capture the world around her.

Nancy Wasserman from Washington, DC uses fused, slumped, and etched glass to create various objects, including platters, wall art, and jewelry. Her unique designs reflect antique lacework and cultural heritage.

Timothy Weber from Nashville, TN creates playfully colored functional stoneware pottery, decorated with glazes and raku firing techniques.

  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: C41

Linda Welch of Venice, FL makes intricate jewelry out of reused antique and vintage buttons reminiscent of styles from the mid 1800’s to the 1950’s.

Wendy Werstlein from Meadows of Dan, VA makes functional porcelain pottery, hand thrown on the wheel. She then glazes the pieces in an effort to capture a sense of organic movement and rhythm.

Jim Whalen

Jim Whalen from Horse Shoe, NC, creates pots to represent his desire to unite the forces of nature with the forms of the subconscious, exploring and expressing the connection between the two. Jim is the 2010 CenterFest Best in Show Winner.

Lana Williams of Monroe, VA is captivated by the spontaneity and unpredictability of crystalline glazes. The colors and natural patterns of the final pieces make the tedious glazing and firing process worth it.

Richard Wilson from Greenville, NC specializes in drawing and combining soft and hard pastels to create realistic images of life, nature, and people.

Jean Yao from Fort Lauderdale, FL weaves functional palm baskets out of locally sourced branches and materials from Florida.

  • Media: Basketweaving
  • Booth: C25

Deborah Younglao of Cary, NC paints with dyes onto silk fabric, making colorful and elegant functional, decorative, and wearable pieces of art.

Jeff Zoellner of College Corner, OH creates detailed sterling silver jewelry designs, which feature gemstones and delicate settings.

  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: A13