2013 Visual Artists

Cynthia Aldrich of Durham, NC creates functional stoneware pottery using both the wheel and hand-building techniques. She produces a range of pieces with motifs that explore natural forms and texture.

Sally Anger from Newport, NC creates abstracted acrylic paintings of humans and landscapes. Her manipulation of texture, paint, and color gives the viewer a new look at traditional subject matter.

Murielle Arlin, from Rolesville, NC, creates elegant hand knitted and hand sewn women’s clothing of her own design, using cotton, chenille and rayon.

  • Business Name: arlindesigns
  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: C10

Jane Axman-Hyner, from Fayetteville, Pennsylvania, uses film and digital photography to depict the unique beauty of wildlife and natural reflections.

Amy Barnard from Raleigh, NC, sews clutch-style handbags and change purses out of vinyl and vintage materials such as aprons and flour sacks. Her creations re-purpose the fabrics into functional art.

Chris Barron is a photographer from Durham, NC who explores various disciplines such as macro photography and landscapes. He is inspired by his hometown, Durham, which is reflected in much of his work.

  • Media: Photography
  • Booth: D6

Bob Batura, of Raleigh, NC, makes contemporary wood furniture and accent pieces that are often constructed of locally-grown or salvaged hardwoods, burls and figured woods.

Adrienne Blum, from Earlysville, VA, produces colorfully enameled switchplates of her original design. The switchplates are kiln-fired porcelain on metal, and are signed by the artist.

Rebecca Board is a jeweler from Chapel Hill, NC, who creates beautifully colored fused glass, beaded, and wire-wrap pieces.

  • Business Name: Cyberlily Studio
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: D9

Susan Budnick is a photographer from Kiawah Island, SC. She uses a vintage 35mm camera to capture lines and forms in architecture and nature without digital manipulation, and allows natural light to play on landscapes and buildings.

Matt Butler, from Raleigh, is a teacher turned printmaker. He makes linocut prints hand printed on paper with an 80 year old cast iron press. Subjects include but are not limited to typography, food, witty phrases, and North Carolina. He will also be printing and selling customized TOMS shoes made-to-order at the event.

  • Business Name: Matt Butler
  • Media: Printmaking
  • Booth: D27

Cantave Casseus is a mixed media artist from Kissimmee, FL. He works in oil and acrylic to create his tropical-themed paintings and metal pieces.

Donna Cassidy, from Raleigh, NC, uses her background in painting to mix fused, painted, and stained glass in panels of her own design.

  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: C17

Nell Chandler, from Hillsborough, NC, creates handcrafted jewelry that depicts narratives, nature, spirituality and relationships. Her pieces are fabricated in a variety of fine metals and accented with semi-precious stones, pearls and resin inlay.

Randy Chapman is a metalworker from Fuquay Varina, NC, who creates welded metal art creatures, flowers, and figures from scrap metal that manufacturers reject or throw away.

Kevin Chen of Wilmington, NC, creates striking Oriental-inspired mixed media pieces. He uses ink and water-soluble colors with loose brushstrokes on handmade rice paper for his work.

  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: C41

Zach Chen is a potter from Durham, NC whose timeless clay pieces are wheel-thrown and hand-built. Original artwork is drawn and carved in low-relief on his wares.

  • Business Name: Apryl's Portraiture Pottery
  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: C6

Garry Childs, of Rougemont, NC, creates fine wheel-thrown terra cotta pottery that is embellished with glazes and carved decoration.

Charles Chrisco is a potter from Little River, SC, whose modern pieces feature bold color and geometric designs. Each unique piece is wheel-thrown, hand-designed and carefully raku-fired with the use of glaze and stain.

  • Business Name: Chrisco's Pottery
  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: B6

Megan Clark is a jeweler from Raleigh, NC. Her modern designs are created using fine metals and a wide range of alternative materials, including gemstones and stingray leather.

Thomas Clark, of Raleigh, NC, is a self-taught woodworker whose pieces combine functionality with simple yet elegant designs. His trademark fine finishes enhance the wood’s natural beauty without stains or dyes, allowing the user to experience the warmth and silky smoothness of the wood.

Pui-Lan Cockman, of Asheboro, NC, creates one-of-a-kind Chinese ink brush watercolor paintings.

  • Business Name: Puilan Art
  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: A2

Sonya Coulson Rook of Raleigh, NC creates whimsical metalwork and enameled jewelry that feature miniature figures at play, animals, or various invented scenes.

Maria Downton, of Durham, NC, finds the inspiration for her fused glass art in nature. She creates colorful, graphic pieces that are functional and decorative.

  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: A28

Debi Dwyer, from Boone, NC, creates captivating pieces with hand rolled art glass that display vibrant color and texture. Her decorative and functional works range from 2-dimensional window pieces to Tiffany lamps.

Mark Ellis of Charlotte, NC creates his sleek birdhouses by combining retro 1950s design with tropical hardwoods.

  • Business Name: Mark Ellis
  • Media: Wood
  • Booth: C18

Brian Evans is a potter from Wilmington, NC who creates utilitarian and sculptural ceramics using wheel and hand-building techniques. His glazes emulate weathered and eroded surfaces.

Ed Fadool is a painter from Burlington, NC. His vivid oil paintings focus on landscapes and use extreme color to express his artistic vision and engage the viewer in his work.

  • Business Name: Ed Fadool
  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: C27

Lawrence Feir, from Greensboro, NC, makes figurative sculpture of welded steel, as well as contemporary furniture of quality woods and welded steel.

ZL Feng, of Radford, VA, uses a variety of watercolor techniques to create ethereal landscape and nature paintings that beautifully portray light, color, and reflection.

  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: C20

Lori Flanders, of Raleigh, NC, makes glass beaded jewelry that she sculpts herself from soft glass. Each of her pieces are guaranteed to be one of a kind, as she creates her work without molds.

Amy Fletcher is a painter from Hillsborough, NC who explores nature-based abstractions through color and texture. She often focuses on one or two colors within a single work, and finds herself filtering color, line and composition from the music she listens to while painting.

Cliff Garren, from Greenville, TN, sculpts his work from natural recycled wood and stone to create one of a kind functional pieces of art.

Jim Goodwin of Charlotte, NC produces intricately hand-crafted ships in bottles. The superbly detailed ships are inserted through the bottle mouth and are inspired by a wide range of historic vessels and events.

Judy Goskey is a jeweler from Burton, OH, who creates elegant opalescent and transparent 24 kt gold cloisonne enamel pieces.

  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: D24

Linda Gourley, from Dry Fork, VA, uses the printmaking techniques of intaglio etchings and collographs to produce her fanciful, fairytale-inspired prints.

John Gunther of Abingdon, VA creates bold, decorative fiber pieces by weaving, dying, and painting wool and other materials.

Luis Enrique Gutierrez of Zebulon, NC, creates fine ceramic sculpture that is a blending of the artist’s Nicoyan Indian Heritage with his contemporary innovations.

  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: B13

Jamie Hagenberger, of Hillsborough, NC, creates each of her unique photograms without using a camera, negatives, or digital manipulation. The results of her creative process are vibrantly colored images of flowers and foliage contrasted against a black background.

Jenn Hales is a painter from Raleigh, NC who uses high-quality acrylic pigments on baroque wood panels to create playful and illustrative scenes of life and nature.
  • Business Name: Jenn Hales
  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: B5

Larry Hamilton, of Winterville, GA, creates decorative and functional pieces of interwoven glass. His colorful designs are made from cold-worked glass that is intricately woven and then fired.

  • Business Name: Hamilton Glassworks
  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: B29

Scott Harris is a photographer from Wake Forest, NC who produces striking images using digital techniques.

Sylvia Harrison of Oxford, NC, creates functional stoneware pottery that are wheel-thrown and hand-built.

Kirsten Hausman, of Durham, NC, creates vibrant paper flowers using traditional techniques that have been adapted from quilling and paper art. Each flower is cut by hand, without any stencil or pattern, and are made from US-made cardstock, as well as vintage paper like maps, dictionary pages and sheet music.

Teresa Hollmeyer, from Charlotte, NC, creates glass mosaic hanging windows. She crafts these from tiny hand cut shards of stained glass adhered to a clear pane of glass and creates one of a kind mosaics. Each mosaic is an original piece of art intended to hang in front of an existing window to allow the light to come through.

  • Business Name: Teresa Hollmeyer
  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: D12

Lorri Honeycutt, is a macro photographer from Austin, TX. Her playful shots, which feature tiny handmade & collectible figures posed in humorous settings, attempt to both amuse and mentally engage the viewer.

Scott Hornbaker of Saint Mary’s, GA forges and shapes natural metals into durable artisan pieces. He is inspired by the quality iron work of the past, and attempts to bring out the beauty in metal through his work.

Wayland House of Durham, NC creates hand rubbed and pulled woodblock prints that embrace spiritual, emotional, and physical life experiences. His striking images are printed on an Asian printing paper made from plant fiber.

Jennifer James of Woodstock, GA, explores the juxtaposition of science and art through her jewelry by combining playful patterns with the natural forms and colors of gemstones.

Jennifer Leigh James, of Durham, NC creates her distinctive pieces with materials from around the world, including high quality gemstones, sterling silver, lampwork glass, pearls, and reclaimed vintage metals and beads.

Jane Johnson is a painter from Marengo, IL who uses nature, balance, and a Japanese aesthetic as the inspiration for her works.

Jay Jones, of Greensboro, NC, makes decorative copper mobiles, inspired by nature and leaves. He cuts, hammers, polishes and colors the copper himself to create interesting compositions and patinas.

  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: A20

Kimberly Kearney, from Raleigh, NC, plays with texture, form, and design as she crafts her hand-woven beaded jewelry. Her striking pieces are composed of glass seed beads, crystals, pearls and gemstones.

Jeffrey Kennedy is a mixed media artist from Florence, SC who creates original 3-D interactive popart with a humorous twist. He uses a wide variety of materials for his work, including wood, poly clay, metal and even electric motors.

Kristin Krongard from Montclair, NJ, photographs bright flowers from her own garden, which she then contrasts against a solid background for optimal visual impact.

Curtis Krueger is a photographer from Wilmington, NC. He captures images from nature and his travels using traditional and digital techniques.

Revere La Noue, of Durham, NC, creates his mixed media pieces through a complex artistic process that includes layers of paint, charcoal, high resolution image scanning, and original photography. The final print is varnished and painted to add even more depth, texture and vibrancy.

Eduardo Lapetina is a painter from Chapel Hill, NC. He communicates emotion in his work through pouring, dripping, and scratching colorful layers of acrylic on canvas.

Letitia Lee of Hampton, VA uses acrylics, oils, and watercolors in energized colors to create vivid paintings that are inspired by her life experiences.

Eric Leland is an illustrator and printmaker from Baltimore, MD, and views his work as artful ephemera. He uses a wide variety of techniques to produce his playfully illustrated paper goods.

Andria Linn, of Durham, NC, creates vibrantly colored and patterned paintings of abstracted floral scenes that convey emotional expression for the artist.

  • Business Name: Andria Linn
  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: A10

Melissa Lowery, from Zebulon, NC, creates handmade mixed metal jewelry that incorporates eco-friendly and reclaimed materials. Her pieces often include inspirational hand stamped quotes, textured layers and found objects.

Andrea and Rolf Ludden of Gatlinburg, TN, use traditional metal-smithing techniques to produce elegant, modern jewelry. Their pieces feature a wide variety of metals and focus on the comfort of the individual.

Joe Luther, of Mount Pleasant, NC, carves wooden vessels using a variety of techniques. Some of his unique pieces are given a fine yet simple finish, while the surface of others are intricately carved to resemble stone.

  • Business Name: Joe Luther
  • Media: Wood
  • Booth: C32

Lauren Markley of Raleigh, NC, handcrafts her contemporary jewelry with sterling silver, paint, reclaimed wood, and textiles. Through her surface treatment techniques, she explores themes of architecture, schematics, structural disintegration, and decay.

Jena Matzen, from Durham, NC, combines a wide variety of metals with hand-pigmented resins, enamels, and stones to add texture and color to her artisan jewelry.

  • Business Name: JM Design
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: B24

Linda McAdams, from Mantua, NJ, hand-alters and paints Polaroid photographs to create unique, impressionistic images.

Pat McCaffrey, of Winterville, GA creates wheel-thrown and slab-built pottery. Many of her functional pieces are uniquely decorated with painted, laser-decaled or screen-printed images.

  • Business Name: Swampware Pottery
  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: B7

Alison McCandless, from Durham, NC creates hand-knit hats for babies, children, and adults, using natural and organic fibers. She also knits original accessories from luxury yarns.

  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: A8

Fraser McFarlane is a photographer from Carrboro, NC, who captures scenic shots inspired by the people and streets of Scotland and America.

Linda McGurn, from Waynesville, NC makes unique hand-knit, loomed, woven, and felted clothing and accessories for adults and children. Her materials are hand-dyed, and her wearable creations feature handmade or antique closures.

  • Business Name: McG Designs
  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: A32

Lealon McLeod of Inman, SC uses pencil, ink, and watercolor for his peaceful drawings that are inspired by photos of rustic old America.

  • Media: Drawing
  • Booth: C49

Brian Miller is a photographer from Baton Rouge, LA. He has worked with National Geographic, and he captures the nature and cityscapes he discovers while traveling the world.

Cynthia Mollenkopf, of Cary, NC crafts decorative and wearable fiber pieces through the process of feltmaking. Her unique work is made of wool, which she manipulates with felting needles into wearable felt items and art.

  • Business Name: ARTiFELTs
  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: B21

William Moore, of Burlington, NC, creates smooth wooden animal carvings. He uses various woods depending on the creature that he is carving, to best capture the natural beauty of the animal and wood.

  • Media: Wood
  • Booth: C48

Timothy Moran from Brown Summit, NC makes wheel-thrown and sculpted clay pieces, decorated with crystalline glazes. He combines creative decorative elements with functional pieces to create unique stoneware items.

Jayne Morgan from Hoover, AL paints with bright colors and clever compositions to elevate her subject of ordinary household items into playful art.

Rachael Newman is a jeweler from Bluffton, SC, who uses radiant freshwater pearls to create her distinctive pieces.

Jim Norton is a jeweler from Athens, GA. He fabricates his work through a Korean technique called Kumboo, in which 24K gold foil is cut and fused to a fine silver surface, and then embellished.

David O’Neal, of Raleigh, NC crafts Native American-style flutes of exotic and domestic woods that are contrasted with beautiful inlays and other woods. Each flute is tuned to a concert key, and can play both traditional and contemporary melodies.

Kathy Oda, of Ladys Island, SC, creates sculptural and functional glass pieces that are mosaics of color, texture, and organic design.

Willard Olney, of Wilmington, NC uses the process of cloisonne enameling to create abstracted landscapes and designs in his iridescent jewelry. The enamels are complimented with precious stones, opals and handmade chains.

  • Business Name: Olney Originals
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: A26

Eric Paige is a mixed media artist from Holly Springs, NC, who creates playful painted clocks. His designs are hand-painted on the reverse side of Lucite and have exposed stainless steel bolts for added depth.

  • Business Name: paigeART
  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: C54

Catherine and Neil Palomba, from Durham, NC, produce heavily textured abstract paintings that achieve striking three dimensional effects.

Kyoung-Joa Park of Rochelle Park, NJ, crafts vibrant, artisan scarves that can be worn as statement pieces. She uses a variety of fiber-working techniques such as knotting, crocheting, and sewing for her creations.

  • Business Name: KJ Designs
  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: C46

Ginnie Parrish, from Cary, NC uses the millefiori technique with polymer clay to create her intricate, colorful works, which include jewelry, containers, and household items.

Molly Pasca, a potter from Durham, NC, produces her wheel-thrown, hand-built stoneware and porcelain contemporary pottery in her garage studio. She plays with shape and color in her work to create a tactile and visual experience for others.

Robyn Pelszynski, of Spring Hill, FL, uses an artistic method of textile design to create her wearable fiber items that have a light, organic feel. Her elegant fabrics are created by layering colorful yarns, ribbons and other fibers in intricate patterns of color and texture.

Nestor Pineda of High Point, NC produces eco-conscious, modern jewelry and accessories by using a wide variety of recycled or sustainable materials in his hand-crafted statement pieces.

Michelle Prahler, of Atlanta, GA, is influenced by murals and collaging techniques as she uses oils, watercolor, and paper on wood for her distinctive paintings of natural life and totemic female figures.

Darius Quarles from Durham, NC plays with colors, lines, and fluid shapes in his energetic, abstracted paintings, which are influenced by everything from pop culture to dreams.

Marjorie Rawson is a metalsmith from Chelsea, MI who creates jewelry using sterling, fine silver and copper. Her unique work features natural found stones that she gathers from Lake Michigan.

  • Business Name: Fine Art Forms
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: B8

Jean-Baptiste Regnard, from Baltimore, Maryland, creates original illustrations which he then manually prints on a variety of apparel.

  • Business Name: Squidfire
  • Media: Printmaking
  • Booth: D17

Patrick Robertson, of Charlotte, NC, combines design and functionality in his colorful boxes that are topped with fantastic hybrid creatures sculpted by the artist.

  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: A11

Mikel Robinson is a mixed media artist from Asheville, NC. Through his use of diverse materials and repetitive imagery, his works reflect the old and the new in a manner that is nostalgically familiar.

Marcus Ryan, of Atlanta, GA, photographs artful arrangements of wine and other items. The images are hand-colored with acrylic paint to add texture and enhance color.

Sandhi Schimmel Gold, of Colonial Heights, VA, uses a papier collé technique to create paper mosaics on original paintings. Her mosaics feature portraits of beautiful women and musicians in a pop-art style . Her eco-friendly work involves all non-toxic up-cycling, as she recycles junk mail for her mosaics.

Allison Schroeder of Madison Heights, VA uses traditional metalsmithing techniques to create her sterling silver jewelry that features other mixed metals and semi-precious stones.

Victoria Sexton of Greenville, NC builds expressive figurative sculptures out of slab clay and paints them with acrylics for engaging visual impact.

Carol Joy Shannon of Raleigh, NC paints bold geometric cityscapes and architectural abstracts in acrylic on canvas.

Paul Shatz is a photographer from Charleston, SC who explores the natural world through his work. His silver-gelatin, original black and white photographs are created by hand, using traditional darkroom techniques.

  • Business Name: Paul Shatz
  • Media: Photography
  • Booth: A31

John Sim, from Ocala, Florida, creates hand carved wood sculptures – using chisels, knives, or dremel after rough cut with chain or band saw. Most pieces are carved from one piece of wood, with the addition of fins, flippers, tusks, antlers for easier packing and transporting. Each piece of wood has own its grain and color patterns so each sculpture is unique and original.

  • Media: Wood
  • Booth: D15

Brooke Smith of Durham, NC creates handmade, modern clothing for toddlers and little girls. Her designs feature 100% cotton fabrics and her own patterns, as well as some patterns for which she is a licensed seller.

  • Business Name: Little Lou
  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: C53

Karen Smith is a jeweler from Charlotte, NC. Her contemporary designs are inspired by nature, architecture and different cultures.

Nelson Smith of Rocky Mount, NC uses hand-wrought metals to achieve a graceful balance in his freestanding and wall sculptures, as well as in his jewelry, vases, and mobiles.

  • Business Name: Nelson R Smith Metal
  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: B25

Jason Stoddart, of Crawford, TN, documents Americana culture in black and white and sepia tone style photography. His limited edition photographs are printed and presented with museum standard quality, using the best archival materials.

Elizabeth Swing of Greensboro, NC sews original heirloom stuffed animals and other products for children from recycled or re-purposed materials. Her creations show her passion for handmade goods and quality workmanship.

Darcy Szeremi of Durham, NC fabricates sterling silver jewelry with freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones. Her figurative designs feature people, animals, and spiritual themes.

  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: A15

Donna Thome is a Raleigh-based artist who creates sterling silver jewelry in sheet or wire form. She often incorporates other media, such as other metals, wood, wool, clay, gems, and glass, into her one of a kind pieces.

  • Business Name: Isajul
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: D8

Macon Thornton of Wilmington, NC uses high quality gemstones, freshwater pearls, and sterling and fine silver to craft her organic and elegant designs.

Courtney Tomchik of Clemmons, NC produces ceramic mixed media pieces, both functional and non-functional. Her work reflects the aesthetics and textures of the Appalachian mountains, and is also a means of spiritual expression and exploration.

Matt Tomko is a painter from Durham, NC. His detailed scenes of nature and wildlife have a richness and depth to them that he achieves through his careful layering of acrylics and oils.

Thomas Trimmer, of New Bern, NC, creates hardwood sculptures with clean simple shapes to display the inherent beauty of the wood. He uses hand-rubbed finishes to maximize the wood’s natural grain and color.

  • Business Name: Stone Creek Studios
  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: D7

Greg Turco from Jefferson, GA identifies his bold work as somewhere between digital art and mixed media. His process includes original drawings, paintings, original photography, and found objects.

Barbara and Rick Umbel from Melbourne Beach, FL work together creating elegant jewelry that conveys the natural beauty of the ocean through their use of pristine shells, fossils, gems, and organic forms.

Kathy Veverka of Florence, SC creates wheel-thrown stoneware for the home. Her distinctive pieces are decorated with incised flowing lines and hand-sculpted flowers and leaves.

  • Business Name: Spring Flower Pottery
  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: A34

Jeffrey Waller from Buckhead, GA uses the technique of intarsia for his hand-cut & painted picture mosaics in wood. His vibrant pieces incorporate high and low relief with bold colors.

Timothy Weber of Nashville, TN crafts wheel-thrown, functional, surface decorated stoneware. A second body of work consists of hand-built, wheel-thrown neo-primitive mixed-media raku.

  • Business Name: T Weber Pottery
  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: A33

Linda Welch of Venice, FL crafts unique button pins and jewelry that incorporate antique and vintage materials dating as far back as the 1800s.

Doc Welty is a potter from Leicester, NC. He creates tradition-based functional stoneware for the home and garden with applied raised slip decoration and earthy glazes.

Wendy Werstlein is a potter from Floyd, VA. Through her functional wheel-thrown pottery, Wendy seeks to infuse her pieces with a sense of movement and show the stroke of the hand in her work.

Keysha Whitsel, from Landisville, PA, uses a technique called lampworking to create glass vessels, marbles, paperweights and beads. Lampworking involves melting glass using a flame. The patterns and colors are achieved by applying pure gold and silver to the glass along with other handmade colors.

  • Business Name: Keysha Koy
  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: D20

Wendy Wilkins is a painter from Durham, NC who works in alcohol inks, through which she achieves vibrant colors and rich detail. She mixes abstract style and realism to create pieces that invite the viewer to explore and share the peace and pleasure that nature brings to her.

  • Business Name: WHW Studios
  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: C34

Richard Wilson of Greenville, NC uses hard and soft pastels for his realistic drawings that portray the beauty of nature, childhood and country life.

Ronald Witherspoon of Greensboro, NC, uses a rich palette of colorful threads and fabrics in strand form to create works of art on wooden silhouetted figures. Each fiber is laid individually to create the garments.

Jean Yao is a basket-weaver from Fort Lauderdale, FL. Her basket art is hand-woven in both traditional and vertical weaving techniques, and made from the best palm tree materials from the state of Florida.

  • Media: Basketweaving
  • Booth: C25

Robert Yard, of Floyd, VA, crafts artisan instruments from hand-grown and harvested aged bamboo. He designs his own tools, then fashions and finely tunes his products using ancient techniques and natural materials.

Hsiang-Ting Yen is a jeweler from Raleigh, NC who creates pieces in opaque and transparent enamels. The aesthetics of her works are inspired by Chinese watercolor painting and the Art Nouveau era.

Deborah Younglao, of Cary, NC, crafts vividly colored scarves and shawls with original designs, which she achieves through painting on silk with dyes and the Shibori and Batik dying techniques.