Visual Artists

Margaret Aden, from Vail, AZ, uses her training as an engineer to create pieces of jewelry focused on structure and weaving.

Sally Anger from Newport, NC creates abstracted acrylic paintings of humans and landscapes. Her manipulation of texture, paint, and color gives the viewer a new look at traditional subject matter.

Jake Asuit from Cleveland, GA turns knives into art by applying fossils, bones, stones, wood and horns to handles along with displays and sheaths.

Sue Ayala from Daytona Beach, FL creates glass sculptures using hand shaping techniques and detail work to blend shades of colored glass.

Amy Barnard from Raleigh, NC, sews clutch-style handbags and change purses out of vinyl and vintage materials such as aprons and flour sacks. Her creations re-purpose the fabrics into functional art.

Bob Batura, of Raleigh, NC, makes contemporary wood furniture and accent pieces that are often constructed of locally-grown or salvaged hardwoods, burls and figured woods.

Rebecca Board is a jeweler from Chapel Hill, NC, who creates beautifully colored fused glass, beaded, and wire-wrap pieces.

Joann Brown is a basketweaver from Huger, SC. Each piece is created using sweetgeass, pine needles, bulbrush, and palm leaves. Baskets are stitched one row at a time using palm.

  • Business Name: Joann's Sweetgrass Baskets
  • Media: Basketweaving
  • Booth: D13

Rae Brown and Julie Rogers, from Winterville, FL, collaborate to create functional ceramics on the potter’s wheel. Pots are treated with sodium silicate, shaped and altered, and layered with many glazes to create a crackle effect.

John Canterbury is an abstract photographer from Osprey, FL. His images focus on natural subjects as they are found and not manipulated for the effect.

  • Media: Photography
  • Booth: B33

Cantave Casseus is a mixed media artist from Kissimmee, FL. He works in oil and acrylic to create his tropical-themed paintings and metal pieces.

Jennifer Cauffman, from Kennett Square, PA, paints with French dyes on various high quality textured silk.

Nell Chandler, from Hillsborough, NC, creates handcrafted jewelry that depicts narratives, nature, spirituality and relationships. Her pieces are fabricated in a variety of fine metals and accented with semi-precious stones, pearls and resin inlay.

Randy Chapman is a metalworker from Fuquay Varina, NC, who creates welded metal art creatures, flowers, and figures from scrap metal that manufacturers reject or throw away.

Kevin Chen of Wilmington, NC, creates striking Oriental-inspired mixed media pieces. He uses ink and water-soluble colors with loose brushstrokes on handmade rice paper for his work.

  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: C04

Zach Chen is a potter from Durham, NC whose timeless clay pieces are wheel-thrown and hand-built. Original artwork is drawn and carved in low-relief on his wares.

  • Business Name: Apryl's Portraiture Pottery
  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: D11

Garry Childs, of Rougemont, NC, creates fine wheel-thrown terra cotta pottery that is embellished with glazes and carved decoration.

Charles Chrisco is a potter from Little River, SC, whose modern pieces feature bold color and geometric designs. Each unique piece is wheel-thrown, hand-designed and carefully raku-fired with the use of glaze and stain.

  • Business Name: Chrisco's Pottery
  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: B06

TJ Christiansen from Durham, NC uses reclaimed wood and metal to sculpt different animals and create one of a kind furniture

Megan Clark is a jeweler from Raleigh, NC. Her modern designs are created using fine metals and a wide range of alternative materials, including gemstones and stingray leather.

Thomas Clark, of Raleigh, NC, is a self-taught woodworker whose pieces combine functionality with simple yet elegant designs. His trademark fine finishes enhance the wood’s natural beauty without stains or dyes, allowing the user to experience the warmth and silky smoothness of the wood.

Pui-Lan Cockman, of Asheboro, NC, creates one-of-a-kind Chinese ink brush watercolor paintings.

  • Business Name: PuiLan Art
  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: C15

Bill Colby of New Smyrna Beach, FL creates his pottery using wheel thrown and soft slab hand building techniques. He then layers the pieces with multiple overlapping glazes. The result is pottery with unusual textures and strong earthen colors.

  • Business Name: Colby Clayworks
  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: A36

Kathy Cooper, from Winston-Salem, NC, uses an array of rich colors and whimsical imagery to create hand painted and printed floor cloths. Each piece is a functional rug and backed with rubber backing and bound edges.

Sonya Coulson Rook of Raleigh, NC creates whimsical metalwork and enameled jewelry that feature miniature figures at play, animals, or various invented scenes.

Walter Creech is a painter from Saxapahaw, NC. His paintings depict images of rural outdoor landscapes using original water colors and oils.

Sheron Davis from Decatur, GA designs glass panels, mirrors, sculptures and sun catchers using the copper foil method & plating technique. Her work is inspired by ocean waves and waterfalls. Each piece is one of a kind.

Maria Downton, of Durham, NC, finds the inspiration for her fused glass art in nature. She creates colorful, graphic pieces that are functional and decorative.

  • Business Name: Glassria
  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: A22

Joseph Dumas of Gadsden, AL uses stone and steel to fashion rock art into functional pieces of sculpture.

Debi Dwyer, from Boone, NC, creates captivating pieces with hand rolled art glass that display vibrant color and texture. Her decorative and functional works range from 2-dimensional window pieces to Tiffany lamps.

Ben Dyer, from Hillsborough, NC, creates elegant jewelry that has been artfully forged in 14k & 18k golds of various colors. His pieces often take natural forms, such as foliage and bamboo, and feature skillfully set gems and pearls.

Victor Edwards of Monticello, FL creates unique mahogany and oak chair frames. In order to craft the curved shape Victor Steam Bends the frame and each are finished with woven rope or wood slat seats. The hand rubbed teak oil finish and all stainless steel hardware make these chairs perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Gordon Ekback of Boone, NC creates both artistic and functional wood turnings. He uses mostly native burls and woods enhanced with dyes and inlays to create each piece.

  • Media: Wood
  • Booth: B45

Mark Ellis of Charlotte, NC creates his sleek birdhouses by combining retro 1950s design with tropical hardwoods.

  • Business Name: Mark Ellis
  • Media: Wood
  • Booth: C05

Suzanne Ens, from Villa Rica, GA,creates fabric animals using fibers such as merino, alpaca, llama and silk. She transforms the fabric using dyes, yarn, beads, gems, and hand stitching.

Brian Evans is a potter from Wilmington, NC who creates utilitarian and sculptural ceramics using wheel and hand-building techniques. His glazes emulate weathered and eroded surfaces.

Larry Favorite of Mebane, NC creates functional art made of hand-sculpted desert ironwood, inlaid with sterling silver, turquoise, and a variety of other semi-precious stones.

ZL Feng, of Radford, VA, uses a variety of watercolor techniques to create ethereal landscape and nature paintings that beautifully portray light, color, and reflection.

  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: A27

Karen Fincannon, of Tucker, GA, hand-builds her playful sculptures which are then glazed or painted. Her whimsical pieces frequently involve animals or birds.

Dewey Fladd is a photographer from Rushville, NY, focused on depictions of Urban Landscapes.

Lori Flanders, of Raleigh, NC, makes glass beaded jewelry that she sculpts herself from soft glass. Each of her pieces are guaranteed to be one of a kind, as she creates her work without molds.

Amy Fletcher is a painter from Hillsborough, NC who explores nature-based abstractions through color and texture. She often focuses on one or two colors within a single work, and finds herself filtering color, line and composition from the music she listens to while painting.

FRANCO of Durham, NC combines illustration, painting, and graphic art with political and social activism to create something he calls visual activism. His bold, graphic works are designed to prompt awareness, discussion, and change in society.

Addie Fuller of Charlotte, NC crafts handmade leather journals using only the finest quality materials. Each cover is reclaimed leather bound with waxed linen thread for strength and durability.

  • Business Name: Artfuladdie
  • Media: Leather
  • Booth: C07

Cliff Garren, from Greenville, TN, sculpts his work from natural recycled wood and stone to create one of a kind functional pieces of art.

Kenny Glenn is a painter specializing in primarily watercolor from Rougemont, NC. As a full-time artist he creates realistic images themed Southern Living.

  • Business Name: Art by Kenny Glenn
  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: B52-B54

Cathy Goodrum of Marietta, GA uses luxury fabrics to create incredible vintage looking handbags, clothing and headbands.

Linda Gourley, from Dry Fork, VA, uses the printmaking techniques of intaglio etchings and collographs to produce her fanciful, fairytale-inspired prints.

Maggie Grier is a painter from Birmingham, AL. She created her artwork with thin slips of premixed artists oils layered with wisps of unmixed pigments.

  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: C49

John Gunther of Abingdon, VA creates bold, decorative fiber pieces by weaving, dying, and painting wool and other materials.

Jenn Hales is a painter from Raleigh, NC who uses high-quality acrylic pigments on baroque wood panels to create playful and illustrative scenes of life and nature.

  • Business Name: Jenn Hales
  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: C21

Jan Harris from Durham, NC creates functional handpainted pottery. Works include paintings of floral designs, and nature.

Scott Harris is a photographer from Wake Forest, NC who produces striking images using digital techniques.

Jean Havet, from San Francisco, CA, fabricates handcrafted jewelry using 14K., Sterling silver, brass, copper, and semi-precious stones.

  • Business Name: J.M. Havet
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: C14

James Hofmann is a photographer from Moneta, VA. His images focus on vibrant depictions of nature scenes, and each piece is printed, matted and framed by the artist.

Lorri Honeycutt, is a macro photographer from Austin, TX. Her playful shots, which feature tiny handmade & collectible figures posed in humorous settings, attempt to both amuse and mentally engage the viewer.

Booker Howze, from Durham, NC, creates artwork in watercolor, acrylic, and oil that includes still life paintings, landscapes, abstract work and scenes.

  • Business Name: Howze Art
  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: D14

Elliott Hubbard, from Fairburn, GA, creates original one-of-a-kind clay sculpture using bright colors and abstract figures.

Kathleen Hunt, from Conway, SC, creates kaleidoscopes of stained and fused glass assembled using the copper foil technique. The first surface mirror is used to create a myriad of unusual images.

  • Business Name: Kaleidoart
  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: D15

Victor Huston and Megan Field from Patterson, CA print their original handdrawn brush/ink artwork and poetry on Organic Cotton Tshirts and wall hangings.

  • Business Name: Ataraxia
  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: A38

Jennifer James, a jeweler from Woodstock, GA, uses precious metals and natural gemstones to create each piece. Each design is built up using dimensions and texture through etching, chasing, forging, stone setting, and soldering.

Jennifer James of Durham, NC creates hand designed distinctive jewelry featuring gemstones, crystals, reclaimed vintage, and other high quality beads created in classic and unique designs.

Kimberly Kearney, from Raleigh, NC, plays with texture, form, and design as she crafts her hand-woven beaded jewelry. Her striking pieces are composed of glass seed beads, crystals, pearls and gemstones.

Jeffrey Kennedy is a sculptor from Florence, SC who creates original 3-D interactive popart with a humorous twist. He uses a wide variety of materials for his work, including wood, poly clay, metal and even electric motors.

Serena Kojimoto is a jeweler from Los Angeles, CA. To create her pieces, she uses a unique combination of black neoprene, gems, pearls and rubber with hammered, forged, soldered or lost wax cast sterling silver and gold.

Curtis Krueger is a photographer from Wilmington, NC. His color photography is printed using traditional and digital techniques. He captures images from nature and his travels.

Manjri Lall is a textile designer from Apex, NC who makes one of a kind silk handpainted scarves. Each piece combines Indian embroideries & traditional designs to the contemporary look. Designs range from skylines to beach scenes to Deco Abstracts.

Eduardo Lapetina is a painter from Chapel Hill, NC. He communicates emotion in his work through pouring, dripping, and scratching colorful layers of acrylic on canvas.

Elaine Laurent from Sarasota, FL creates functional pieces, such as purses and lamps, using cigarboxes. These boxes are decorated with Swarovski Crystals and 75% recycled materials.

  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: A05

Letitia Lee of Hampton, VA uses acrylics, oils, and watercolors in energized colors to create vivid paintings that are inspired by her life experiences.

Eric Leland is an illustrator and printmaker from Baltimore, MD, and views his work as artful ephemera. He uses a wide variety of techniques to produce his playfully illustrated paper goods.

Andria Linn, of Durham, NC, creates vibrantly colored and patterned paintings of abstracted floral scenes that convey emotional expression for the artist.

Heather Love, a photographer from Greenville, SC, specializes in B/W and Sepia images. Although digitally photographed, adjustments resemble those that occur in a dark room.

Melissa Lowery, from Zebulon, NC, creates handmade mixed metal jewelry that incorporates eco-friendly and reclaimed materials. Her pieces often include inspirational hand stamped quotes, textured layers and found objects.

Andrea and Rolf Ludden of Gatlinburg, TN, use traditional metal-smithing techniques to produce elegant, modern jewelry. Their pieces feature a wide variety of metals and focus on the comfort of the individual.

Malcolm MacGregor is a photographer from Garner, NC uses different techniques such as extended exposure to capture stunning images of nature.

Lauren Markley of Raleigh, NC, handcrafts her contemporary jewelry with sterling silver, paint, reclaimed wood, and textiles. Through her surface treatment techniques, she explores themes of architecture, schematics, structural disintegration, and decay.

Kathleen Master of Holly Springs, NC combines acid etched copper and mesh with organic material to create a one-of-a-kind image on painted bamboo and venetian plaster on wood.

Kathleen Master of Holly Springs, NC creates jewelry using intricately painted paper and silk combined with acid etched copper and vintage findings.

Jena Matzen, from Durham, NC, combines a wide variety of metals with hand-pigmented resins, enamels, and stones to add texture and color to her artisan jewelry.

  • Business Name: JM Design
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: B49

Linda McAdams, from Mantua, NJ, hand-alters and paints Polaroid photographs to create unique, impressionistic images.

Alison McCandless, from Durham, NC creates hand-knit hats for babies, children, and adults, using natural and organic fibers. She also knits original accessories from luxury yarns.

  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: A08

Lealon McLeod of Inman, SC uses pencil, ink, and watercolor for his peaceful drawings that are inspired by photos of rustic old America.

Brian Miller is a photographer from Baton Rouge, LA. He has worked with National Geographic, and he captures the nature and cityscapes he discovers while traveling the world.

Melanie Miller of Blairsville, GA creates hand built jewelry pieces made with Precious Metal Clay. She uses unorthodox stone setting techniques, solvent enamels, and rainbow patinas to add to the landscapes and sky images.

  • Business Name: The Alchemist's Garden
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: A33

Royal Miree of Birmingham, AL creates stainless and copper pendulum sculptures. This pieces are hand formed, milled, flame colored and balanced for continued movement.

Liz Mitchell of Fuquay Varina, NC is a jewelry who creates her own unique glass beads using a torch, glass rods, silver foil, and other eye-catching materials.

Preston Montague, from Raleigh, NC, creates printed greeting cards and posters using his botanical illustrations. Each product is made from 100% recycled paper, printed with vegetable inks, and wrapped in compostable packaging.

William Moore, of Burlington, NC, creates smooth wooden animal carvings. He uses various woods depending on the creature that he is carving, to best capture the natural beauty of the animal and wood.

  • Media: Wood
  • Booth: A14

Timothy Moran from Brown Summit, NC makes wheel-thrown and sculpted clay pieces, decorated with crystalline glazes. He combines creative decorative elements with functional pieces to create unique stoneware items.

Ray Mosteller is a photographer from Easley, NC. His images focus on story telling scenes. Many images are hand colored or have multiple layer combinations.

  • Business Name: Photo By Ray
  • Media: Photography
  • Booth: B44-B46

Stephen Nesnow of Chapel Hill, NC creates functional stoneware pottery for the home using throwing and slab techniques and combinations of both to create artistic functional forms.

Karin Neuvirth is a painter from Durham, NC. Her paintings begins with an abstract under painting and creates layers using a palette knife. The result is an abstract depiction of a natural landscape.

Rachael Newman is a jeweler from Bluffton, SC, who uses radiant freshwater pearls to create her distinctive pieces.

Jim Norton is a jeweler from Athens, GA. He fabricates his work through a Korean technique called Kumboo, in which 24K gold foil is cut and fused to a fine silver surface, and then embellished.

Kathy Oda, of Ladys Island, SC, creates sculptural and functional glass pieces that are mosaics of color, texture, and organic design.

Willard Olney, of Wilmington, NC uses the process of cloisonne enameling to create abstracted landscapes and designs in his iridescent jewelry. The enamels are complimented with precious stones, opals and handmade chains.

  • Business Name: Olney Originals
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: D20

Katherin Owen of Easley, SC creates colorful inspirational pottery using both hand building and wheel throwing techniques

Susan Owens of Roper, NC creates abstract and colorful silk scarves using free handed designs and then applying dye to the silk using a brush.

Catherine Palomba, from Durham, NC, produces heavily textured abstract paintings that achieve striking three dimensional effects.

  • Business Name: CNP Artists
  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: B40

Kirstin Pantazis of Danville, VA utilizes a combination of modern fabrics and traditional sewing techniques, to craft headwear with a fantastic flair that appeals to a modern audience.

Kyoung-Joa Park of Rochelle Park, NJ, crafts vibrant, artisan scarves that can be worn as statement pieces. She uses a variety of fiber-working techniques such as knotting, crocheting, and sewing for her creations.

  • Business Name: KJ Designs
  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: A18

Ginnie Parrish, from Cary, NC uses the millefiori technique with polymer clay to create her intricate, colorful works, which include jewelry, containers, and household items.

Molly Pasca, a potter from Durham, NC, produces her wheel-thrown, hand-built stoneware and porcelain contemporary pottery in her garage studio. She plays with shape and color in her work to create a tactile and visual experience for others.

Keith Pearson of Henderson, NC creates traditional and contemporary Native American bead work using loom, back stitch, peyote and Cheyenne stitches to form original design pieces from glass and mineral beads.

  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: C30

Rhonda Peters is a photographer from Goldsboro, NC. Her digital photography draws inspiration from everyday life.

Nestor Pineda of High Point, NC produces eco-conscious, modern jewelry and accessories by using a wide variety of recycled or sustainable materials in his hand-crafted statement pieces.

Victoria Primicias is a painter from Wake Forest, NC. She uses oil and beeswax, an ancient method also known as encaustics, to create layered paintings.

Darius Quarles from Durham, NC plays with colors, lines, and fluid shapes in his energetic, abstracted paintings, which are influenced by everything from pop culture to dreams.

Doug Richard of Satsuma, FL creates one of a kind wood pieces utilizing natural elements in his design. These unique pieces are turned to shape on the lathe and then finished by hand.

Patrick Robertson, of Charlotte, NC, combines design and functionality in his colorful boxes that are topped with fantastic hybrid creatures sculpted by the artist.

  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: C32

Ron Roland is a painter from Villa Rica, GA. He creates his work using acrylic artist paints, mixing glazes, mixing mediums and glazes. The impasto application with brushes & knives, drip/pour under painting, and glazing creates a layered effect.

Bruce Rosen from Millers Creek, NC creates functional wood furnishings from a variety of fine hardwoods.

  • Media: Wood
  • Booth: C43

Frank Saggus from Watkinsville, GA uses salvaged lumber and found objects to build his one of a kind, functional birdhouses.

Gail Schaefer of Hillsborough, NC makes functional ceramic pottery, hand-built and wheel thrown, and then colorfully decorated in the majolica style.

Janice Schmidt, from Atlanta, GA, designs clothing of cotton knits and vintage fabrics. Some fabrics are hand painted and hand dyed, made to pair with her handmade mosaic belt buckles.

Allison Schroeder of Madison Heights, VA uses traditional metalsmithing techniques to create her sterling silver jewelry that features other mixed metals and semi-precious stones

Karen Smith is a jeweler from Charlotte, NC. Her contemporary designs are inspired by nature, architecture and different cultures.

Nelson Smith of Rocky Mount, NC uses hand-wrought metals to achieve a graceful balance in his freestanding and wall sculptures, as well as in his jewelry, vases, and mobiles.

  • Business Name: Nelson R. Smith Metal
  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: A12

Taylor Smith, from Burlington, NC, using glass blowing and molding techniques to create her pieces, adding colors and shaping them in the process.

  • Business Name: Smith Glass
  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: C08

Susan Soleil is a bookbinder from Chapel Hill, NC. She hand sews the page of each journal with linen thread. Leather journals are made in the same way that journals were made for the Lewis & Clark Expedition.

Paul Steinke, from Sunset Beach, NC, creates handblown glass using traditional techniques. He infuses bright colors into his work and no two pieces are identical.

Jason Stoddart, of Crawford, TN, documents Americana culture in black and white and sepia tone style photography. His limited edition photographs are printed and presented with museum standard quality, using the best archival materials.

Mark Thomas from Pembroke Pines, FL focuses his photography on capturing exciting images of animals in nature.

Macon Thornton of Wilmington, NC uses high quality gemstones, freshwater pearls, and sterling and fine silver to craft her organic and elegant designs.

Matt Tomko is a painter from Durham, NC. His detailed scenes of nature and wildlife have a richness and depth to them that he achieves through his careful layering of acrylics and oils.

Carolyn Trimmer from New Bern, creates her artwork using layers of clay slip mixed with pigments that are rolled into a damp clay slab one color at a time. the image is then transferred from the clay to fabric.

  • Business Name: Stone Creek Studios
  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: B14

Thomas Trimmer, of New Bern, NC, creates hardwood sculptures with clean simple shapes to display the inherent beauty of the wood. He uses hand-rubbed finishes to maximize the wood’s natural grain and color.

  • Business Name: Stone Creek Studios
  • Media: Wood
  • Booth: B16

Jeffrey Waller from Buckhead, GA uses the technique of intarsia for his hand-cut & painted picture mosaics in wood. His vibrant pieces incorporate high and low relief with bold colors.

Donna Ware, from Concord, NC, creates and designs unique children’s clothes.

Linda Welch of Venice, FL crafts unique button pins and jewelry that incorporate antique and vintage materials dating as far back as the 1800s.

Jean Yao is a basket-weaver from Fort Lauderdale, FL. Her basket art is hand-woven in both traditional and vertical weaving techniques, and made from the best palm tree materials from the state of Florida.

  • Media: Basketweaving
  • Booth: C25

Hsiang-Ting Yen is a jeweler from Raleigh, NC who creates pieces in opaque and transparent enamels. The aesthetics of her works are inspired by Chinese watercolor painting and the Art Nouveau era.

Sydney Young, from Cumming, GA, creates pieces made of heat oxidized (blowtorch colored), recycled sheet copper. Pieces may be hammered, etched, embossed &/or contain agate focal.

  • Business Name: The Last Laugh
  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: A34

Deborah Younglao, of Cary, NC, crafts vividly colored scarves and shawls with original designs, which she achieves through painting on silk with dyes and the Shibori and Batik dying techniques.