Visual Artists

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SunShine Artist CenterFest Report

Each year CenterFest showcases the outstanding artwork of over 140 visual artists from across the U.S. in fine arts and fine craft. CenterFest 2017 Visual Artist Applications are now closed. Stay tuned for information about artists participating in CenterFest 2017, including exhibitors selected for our NEW Emerging Artist program!

We were proud to feature an outstanding group of Visual Artists at CenterFest 2016!

The 2016 CenterFest Visual Artist Merit Judges were Lauren Turner, Assistant Curator for the Collection at Ackland Art Museum, Linda Dougherty, Chief Curator and Curator of Contemporary Art at the North Carolina Art Museum, and Cheryl Cullum Stewart, a Public Art Consultant working with Piedmont Triad International Airport, the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro’s Public Art Endowment, and the North Carolina Arts Council! The merit judges selected several winning artists and awarded cash prizes totaling $2,500 to Best In Show, First Place, Second and Third Place.

The 2016 Winning Artists:

Lauren Markley, a jeweler from Raleigh, NC won Best in Show. Hsiang-Ting Yen, a jeweler from Raleigh, NC won First Place. Fong Choo, a ceramics artist from Louisville, KY received Second Place. Kathleen Dautel, a jeweler from Raleigh, NC came in Third Place. Kevin Duval, a sculptor from Wilmington, NC, received the Citizens’ Choice Award.

Check out the Visual Artists that presented at CenterFest 2016!

Visual Artists

Lorrie Anderson of Thomasville, NC makes contemporary folk art pottery that has botanical inspiration.

Jake Asuit of Cleveland, GA adorns the handles of knives with fossils, bones, stones, and wood to make them unique.

Paul Aude of Cary, NC uses 100% genuine goat leather to make a variety of products.

Kenneth Aunchman of Buford, GA create portrait styled paintings by blending oils and using a soft edge, dry brush technique.

Sue Ayala of Daytona Beach, FL makes flame work glass sculptures with torch-paddle-knife. All are furnace annealed and colored glass is used to add detail.

Amy Barnard of Raleigh, NC makes handbags from vegan leather, recycled vinyl fabrics, and recycled metals.

Sean Barry of Atlanta, GA instills mixed media pieces with elements of photography, collage, and abstraction. Objects, symbols and graphic elements are incorporated to explore themes.

Bob Batura of Raleigh, NC makes contemporary wood furniture and accent pieces that are often constructed from locally-grown or salvaged hardwoods, burls, and figured woods.

Guy Beech of Wilmington, NC is a wood turner with a main interest in segmented wood turning. Different species of woods are used to create unique patterns and designs in bowls.

Gregg Billman of Gainesville, FL creates art that is hand drawn and hand printed using digital tools. Works are printed with archival media and inks.

  • Business Name: Billman Art
  • Media: Printmaking
  • Booth: C50

Brian Blackmore of Gainesville, FL creates jewelry with oxidization on Niobium metals which produces a spectrum of brilliant color.

  • Business Name: Rainbow Designs
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: B40

Vicki Bolen of Albuquerque, NM creates unexpected and captivating artwork that expresses her love of culture by using paper, mizuhiki (rolled paper), origami, and stitching.

Brian Bortz of Durham, NC blends hardwoods, wood veneers, and shell to create marquetry and inlaid mosaics on a variety of furniture and furnishings.

Rae Brown and Julie Rogers of Winterville, NC use mid-range white stoneware to create functional ceramics. Pots are shaped, altered, and layered with many glazes to create a crackle effect.

Schuyler Brown of Chapel Hill, NC designs fun shifts for men, women, and children from remnants of special materials.

Tavia Brown of Charlottesville, VA creates industrial jewelry with a delicate flair using traditional metal-smithing techniques and sterling, gold, and titanium metals.

  • Business Name: taviametal
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: B21

Lynn Burcher of Hillsborough, NC creates whimsical, nature-themed jewelry by using glass beads to sculpt birds and acorns and then combining them with enamel and fused glass components.

Natasha Caine of Wilmington, NC creates mixed media jewelry with a strong SI-fi accent and charm using vintage parts, beads, and other found objects.

Dan Campbell of Morrisville, NC paints works with acrylic on wrapped canvas frames. His style is “modern impressionism with a dash of abstract” which features vibrant color and bold brush/palette knife strokes.

Michael Carley of DeBary, FL photographs landscapes and nature.

Nell Chandler of Hillsborough, NC creates jewelry in sterling silver, copper, and brass with semiprecious stones, freshwater pearls, and images set in polymer resins.

Randy Chapman of Fuquay-Varina, NC creates welded metal art from scrap material gathered from various manufacturers and reuse facilities.

Kevin Chen of Cary, NC works to expresse the essence of his connection to nature’s harmony and beauty by using brushes freely with ink and colors that are mostly extracted from natural materials.

  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: C68

Fong Choo of Louisville, KY creates wheel thrown porcelain teapots in various jewel toned hues.

  • Business Name: Fong Choo
  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: A14

Charles Chrisco of Little River, SC creates clay pieces that are wheel thrown, hand-designed and raku fired with the use of glaze and stain.

  • Business Name: Chrisco's Pottery
  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: C26

Cesar Clavijo and Roberto Quintero of Norfolk, VA create handmade shoes and purses with a personal touch.

  • Business Name: Molas4U
  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: B4

Bill Colby of New Smyrna Beach, FL creates wheel-thrown and hand-built stoneware pottery using homemade glazes in a homemade gas kiln.

Mary-Anne and Bill Collins of Raleigh, NC create whimsical sculptures that are made with clay, fabric, and acrylic.

  • Business Name: Off the Deep End
  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: C17

Ruben Corzo of Wilmington, NC unites thin polyester cords and semi-precious stones in micro-macramé settings.

Sonya Coulson Rook of Raleigh, NC creates a rustic, organic, whimsical and playful line of jewelry with pieces that run the gamut of everything from easy to wear everyday to one of a kind wearable dioramas.

Amanda Cousins of Hillsborough, NC uses traditional metal-smithing techniques to create deliberately imperfect pieces that emphasize dimension and form.

Kathleen Dautel of Raleigh, NC combines passions in architecture and metal-smithing to create modern jewelry in steel. Forms are both architecturally based and drawn from nature.

Julia Dressler of Clarksville, VA represents mid-20th century American country life in her work.

Kevin Duval of Wilmington, NC creates kinetic sculptures using a unique blend of hand crafted metals and found mechanical components.

Debi Dwyer of Boone, NC creates two- and three-dimensional stained glass that incorporate hand rolled art glass, hand hammered copper, and natural stones.

Germain Ekamby of Alpharetta, GA handcrafts wooden sculptures that are used to amplify music played from phones and other devices.

  • Business Name: Mangobeat
  • Media: Wood
  • Booth: B35

John Elliott of Raleigh, NC creates scientifically illustrated artwork with a mechanical twist to make biomechanical creatures.

  • Business Name: Zendustria
  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: D10

Ashley Enders of Angier, NC makes unique products using irresistible fabric combinations that are crafted from their own original patterns.

Tom Eriksen of Avon, NC presses skate board deck veneers together, carves down through the veneers then applies three coats of water-based poly urethane.

Paul Flack of Smyrna, GA creates drawings using a water-soluble graphite on stained Venetian plaster with an airbrush resin finish.

Lori Flanders of Raleigh, NC melts and sculpts glass beads by hand in her jewelry designs.

Amy Fletcher of Hillsborough, NC is inspired by music and works in oil with cold wax to increase luminosity and build color layers within nature-based or abstracted paintings. Sgraffito and etching are used to create depth and texture within each piece.

FRANCO of Durham, NC uses the computer as a tool to bring his graphic art to life.

  • Business Name: Franco
  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: B1

Diane French of St. Augustine, FL burnishes minerals, metals, and pigments that are translucent and opaque, coarse and fine, into wood panels by hand.

Addie Fuller of Charlotte, NC makes leather journals using the finest quality materials. Each cover is hand cut from reclaimed leather and hand torn page are bound with waxed linen thread for strength and durability.

Kazuko Fuller of Chesapeake, VA creates unique artwork and jewelry using wire, metal, and recycled materials.

Janet Gaddy of Brown Summit, NC uses a multi-level firing schedule to grow zinc crystals on the surface of wheel-thrown porcelain pots.

Linda Gourley of Dry Fork, VA handcolors whimsical prints that utilize the printmaking techniques of Inaglio Etching and Collographs.

  • Media: Printmaking
  • Booth: A38

Jenn Hales of Raleigh, NC creates her paintings by layering thin glazes of acrylic over birch panels.

  • Business Name: Jenn Hales
  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: C32

Larry Hamilton of Winterville, GA interweaves cold-worked glass that is fired then removed from the kiln for multiple layers to be added to the initial base.

  • Business Name: Hamilton Glassworks
  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: C18

Caroline Harper of Columbia, SC focuses on producing textiles that are hand-dyed with natural indigo and made with natural fibers such as cotton, silk and linen.

  • Business Name: CHI Design
  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: A26

Morgan Harris of High Point, NC creates handcrafted porcelain clay pottery with Macro-Crystalline glaze. Pieces include vases, bowls, mugs, oil candles, and soap pumps.

Erin Hathaway of Durham, NC creates handwoven chainmaille jewelry and accessories in a variety of metals, colors, and patterns.

Kelvin Henderson of Suitland, MD uses acrylic paints in bold primary colors to paint spiritual, musical, and landscape images.

Diane Henneton of Chapel Hill, NC uses film to take, develop, and print original B&W and color photographs.

  • Media: Photography
  • Booth: C14

William Hill of Durham, displays photographs taken from around the world on archival paper, metal, and canvas surfaces.

Jeehyun Hoke of Chapel Hill, NC primarily paints her whimsical artworks with watercolors and uses other materials to create texture.

  • Business Name: Jeeyun Hoke
  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: C40

Lorri Honeycutt of Sebastian, FL captures whimsical and humorous macro photography created by posing miniature figurines in clever settings.

Claire Jacobs of Raleigh, NC creates hand-fabricated forms that explore pattern and color juxtapositions. Materials allow her to accent the sculptural quality of small, fabricated forms.

Carrie Jacobson of Wachapreague, VA makes big, bright, and evocative landscapes, cow-scapes, florals and figurative pieces using a palette knife and bold oils.

Jennifer James of Durham, NC uses classic and unique designs to make bold statement pieces for everyday wear.

Carol Joannidi of Holyoke, MA uses North American sourced and recycled metal to create one of a kind, hand-fabricated jewelry with traditional metal-smithing techniques.

Jake Johnson of Waynesboro, VA makes wheel thrown porcelain, stoneware vessels, and functional wares.

Erin Kaleel of Weaverville, NC constructs each handbag using vibrant, buttery soft Eco-certified Italian leather colors that are embellished with hand-cut, kiln fired bronze art designs.

Kimberly Kearney of Raleigh, NC creates hand-woven beaded jewelry composed of glass seed beads, crystals and pearls. Components are woven together in patterned or free-formed styles.

  • Business Name: wildwomanjewels
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: C64

Dan Kihl of Jacksonville, FL designs original metal sculptures cut from sheet steel with a plasma torch. Bending and welding adds dimension and each piece is finished with multiple spray paint treatments and proprietary mixture to create a unique color separation pattern.

  • Business Name: Dan Kihl Studios
  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: B43

Jot King of Minneapolis, MN is a stone whisperer who uses semi-precious stones, silver, gold, and mokume to create each work of art.

Catherine Kramer of Hillsborough, NC creates decorative and functional gourds that are embellished with fibers, beads, inks, dyes, and carvings.

Brett LaGue of Fincastle, VA paints landscapes with acrylics and oils on canvas or linen in the style of contemporary impressionism.

Amy Lansburg of Valdosta, GA creates figurative works from Lake Superior driftwood to convey African history and culture as well as American Civil Rights.

Eduardo Lapetina of Chapel Hill, NC creates colorful abstract paintings with interesting textures and surfaces.

Eric Leland of Baltimore, MD is an illustrator and print maker who views his work as artful ephemera.

Deborah Levine of Wallace, NC creates jewelry out of a combination of forged silver and bronze castings then adds an antiquing patina and sets semi-precious stones.

  • Business Name: Levine Studios
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: A30

Vicki Love of Knoxville, TN designs original leather handbags that are accented with semi-precious stones, fringe, and bead work.

Tom Lowe of Ashland, VA takes the natural element of wood to envision a unique sculpture that uses a single log to create a continuous piece of art.

  • Business Name: Tom Lowe
  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: C3

Robin Macek of Wilmington, NC uses a variety of materials to make hand-sewn and micro macrame gemstone bracelets, watches, and cuffs.

Malcolm MacGregor of Garner, NC prints artistic landscapes and night time lapse photographs on canvas, metal, and photographic paper.

Jeannie Maddox of Dothan, AL paints larger than life photorealistic oils of swimmers and urban scenes based on her own photographs.

Roberta Marasca of Pittsboro, NC utilizes techniques of chasing, fusing, and forging to set unusual stones and objects in silver, gold, and copper.

  • Business Name: Roberta Marasca Jewelry
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: A22

Lauren Markley of Raleigh, NC utilizes a variety of fabrication techniques to create sculptural jewelry with sterling silver, gold, enamel, copper, wood, paint, and textile.

Kathleen Master of Holly Springs, NC creates jewelry using paper combined with vintage findings.

Matthew Leavell of Foster, VA uses recycled and upcycled materials, shaped, cut, polished, welded, and painted to create whimsical nature themed sculpture.

Mary May of Raleigh, NC creates jewelry out of torch fired enamel which uses a special blending technique that combines oxidized copper and glass pigments to create colorful patterns.

  • Business Name: M2Gems
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: B37

Linda McGurn of Waynesville, NC creates garments and accessories that are hand knit, woven, and/or felted using hand dyed fiber, yarn and textiles, and handmade closures.

  • Business Name: McG Designs
  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: A16

Tamurlaine Melby of Richmond, VA creates pieces out of wheel-thrown porcelain clay with handles that are pulled and sculpted by hand and with original designs.

  • Business Name: Dixie Pots
  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: B36

Brian Miller of Baton Rouge, LA captures natural landscapes and cityscapes that are discovered while traveling.

Linda-Marie Miller of Inman, SC handcrafts jewelry from scratch out of precious metals and gemstones.

Melanie Miller of Blairsville, GA creates “story piece” jewelry with fine silver, gold accents, Precious Metal Clay, and semi-precious stones.

Eric Moore of Pomaria, SC creates sculptures by carving stone and wood and combining them with other materials like copper and brass.

William Moore of Burlington, NC uses traditional methods and tools to carve animals from a variety of woods.

Brenda Morrison of Wareham, MA is a lamp worker who creates funky glass on a torch.

Micah Mullen of Raleigh, NC paints a perspective of American landscapes in a style that involves creating a complicated background with hundreds of grids of varying colors.

Stephen Nesnow of Chapel Hill, NC creates functional stoneware pottery for the home and office by using throwing and slab techniques to create artistic functional forms.

Diane Ness of Holly Springs, NC designs women’s wearable fiber art using silks, linen, taffeta, and cottons.

Karin Neuvirth of Durham, NC begins her works with an abstract, colorful under-painting. The subject emerges as details are added which leaves the painting with a sense of spontaneous abstraction.

Christine O’Connell of Swansboro, NC alters basic functional forms by stamping, slip-trailing, carving, and/or adding hand-built elements.

Adrienne Oates of Asheville, NC paints her favorite places in Durham and other areas she has grown a love for.

Julie Olson of Durham, NC incorporates media such as stained glass, metal-smithing, and lamp-working into her clay works.

Kyoung-Joa Gon Park of Rochelle Park, NJ creates necklaces scarves by hand-knotting wool yarn and spiral scarves by hand-crocheting rayon yarn.

  • Business Name: KJ Designs
  • Media: Fiber
  • Booth: C10

Ginnie Parrish of Cary, NC creates intricate designs using polymer clay along with beads, wire, metal leaf, and charms.

Molly Pasca of Durham, NC creates both functional and decorative contemporary porcelain that is wheel-thrown and hand-built.

Lanny Pelletier of Cape Carteret, NC creates pieces of wheel thrown stoneware with some sculpted additions.

Nestor Pineda of High Point, NC uses macrame, needle point, and textile looms to make an eclectic, artisan collection of handmade jewelry and clothing that is inspired by eco-consciousness.

Frosty Rankin of Millersburg, KY uses acrylic paint and modeling paste to create textured 3D creations and images that evoke memories of the good life and past.

Roman Rebilas of Mebane, NC uses traditional wood working techniques, Intaglio carving and various painting techniques to create wood pieces.

Abigail Reczek of Floyd, VA creates pieces of wheel thrown porcelain with hand carved designs.

Stewart Rein of Las Vegas, NV emphasizes European cities and landscapes in his work to make them appear as the eye would see them on location.

Sadarryle Rhone of Wake Forest, NC adapts traditional paper bead making methods to create jewelry and artwork that features paper beads.

Patrick Robertson of Charlotte, NC begins figures with a wire armature that is wrapped with paper and covered with paper pulp which is later painted with additions of wire, feathers, and branches.

  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: A42

Ron Roland of Villa Rica, GA uses high contrasting color to create contemporary stylized landscapes.

  • Business Name: Ron Roland Art
  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: B50

Bruce Rosen of Millers Creek, NC creates furnishings for the home from a variety of fine hardwoods and original designs.

Barbara Rush of Roswell, GA deconstructs and reconstructs subjects with a sense of joy. The geometry of lines, shapes and colors uplifts the viewer as abstract shapes converge to reveal a delightfully recognizable form.

  • Business Name: br3 studios
  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: B26

John Russell of Linden, VA creates lathe-turned wood pieces with inlaid semiprecious stone, inlaid pewter, applied gold and silver wire as well as writing instruments made of exotic wood that are cast with feathers, snakeskin, and circuit boards.

Frank Saggus of Watkinsville, GA builds functional, one-of-a-kind birdhouses from salvaged lumber and found objects.

Steve Sargeant of Charlottesville, VA designs oil lanterns from stone to create unique combinations of fire and earth.

  • Business Name: Stonewicks
  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: D8

Allison Schroeder of Madison Heights, VA creates jewelry with sterling silver as well as some copper brass, gold elements, and gemstone cabochons using traditional metal-smithing techniques.

Rufus Seder of Waltham, MA creates Cinespinners and Lifetiles, hand-crafted optically animated artwork. Cinespinners are silk-screened onto acrylic and Lifetiles are hand cast glass tiles that are sand blasted and kiln fired.

Earmine Smalls of Mt. Pleasant, SC makes sweet grass baskets using sweet grass, pine needles, bulrush, and palmetto.

  • Business Name: Earmine's Creations
  • Media: Basketweaving
  • Booth: B17

Charlie Smith of Roanoke, VA photographs scenes of the Blue Ridge Mountain region.

Jason Smith of Hillsborough, NC uses reclaimed steel and copper to make large and small metal sculptures.

Karen Smith of Charlotte, NC creates jewelry using a variety of different metal-smithing techniques and materials. Some surfaces are textured and/or embellished with enamels.

Nelson Smith of Rocky Mount, NC primarily works with stainless steel, copper, sterling silver, bronze and brass to create sculptures that utilize tig welding, acetylene welding, soldering and brazing methods.

Chatchakorn Sonday of Blythewood, SC handcrafts lifelike flower arrangements using fine, white Thai clay.

Jason Stoddart of Cookeville, TN documents “America’s Leftovers” by finding forgotten objects that tell a story.

Nataliya Strumila of Greensboro, NC sculpts jewelry inspired by nature by using stainless steel wires and semi-precious gems to make flower and berry bunches.

  • Business Name: Art Island
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: D7

Claude Taylor of Washington, DC offers original travel photographs from 25 countries and 12 US cities.

Rudy Tell of Cosby, TN hand cuts and sews bags of cowhide leather using functional designs that have been developed over the years.

  • Business Name: Rudy Tell Leather
  • Media: Leather
  • Booth: A18

Peggy Thomas of Prosperity, SC begins canvas paintings with a pencil drawing before applying 20 or more layers of paint.

Macon Thornton of Wilmington, NC combines high quality gemstones and freshwater pearls with unique wire-wrapping and metal-smithing techniques to create an organic, timeless body of work.

Courtney Tomchik of Clemmons, NC creates slab built textured clay with the addition of found object that is raku fired and designed into multi dimensional sculptural work for functional and decorative use.

Matt Tomko of Durham, NC uses a variety of techniques to create nature and wildlife paintings.

Rob Travis of Brevard, NC is a fine art photographer who prints giclees on gall wrapped canvas and fine art paper.

Jeff Tseng of Valley Village, CA hand makes glass artwork from vases, tables, fountains, 2D wall art, and anything else that can be made with clear window or colored glass.

  • Media: Glass
  • Booth: E2

Antanas Ulevicius of St. Petersburg, FL uses hand-built stoneware and porcelain to create sculptures with copper slips that are decorated, glazed, and fired in oxidation.

  • Business Name: Ulevicius Studio
  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: C58

Tara Underwood of Asheville, NC uses a combination of handbuilding, pinching, wheel-throwing, and use of slump molds to create earthenware vessels. A deep red clay body is decorated with formulations of colored terra sigillata and matte glazes.

Mark Van de Bogart of Bronson, FL uses evolving design concepts to create jewelry that enhances precious and semi-precious stones.

Roberto Vengoechea of Black Mountain, NC creates futuristic fine jewelry that blends gemstones and diamonds. Traditional metal-smithing techniques make innovative designs that defy convention but that are practical in form and fit.

Jill Wagoner of Fuquay-Varina, NC creates silk clothing and accessories using paint and water with unique prints that are impossible to duplicate.

Wendy Wilkins of Durham, NC creates vibrant, nature-inspired paintings using alcohol ink. Her prints are also used to create trivets, trays, and other household items.

  • Business Name: WHW Studios
  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: C66

Holly Williams of Blairsville, GA combines hand ‘grown’, dyed, and felted alpaca fiber with hand-dyed silk and intricate beading to create unique, wearable art.

Kyle Wilson of Clayton, NC creates HDR images of rural America by finding the beauty in everyday objects, rural and urban decay, and Americana.

Stacey Wright of Gainesville, GA creates colorful, whimsical paintings on a ceramic “canvas”.

Ryan Yancey of Waynesboro, VA utilizes a textured spin to create works comprised of landscapes and seascapes.

Hsiang-Ting Yen of Raleigh, NC creates jewelry with an aesthetic inspired by watercolor paintings, Art Nouveau era, and organic, sculptured modern forms.