Visual Artists

Cynthia Battista of New Milford, NC uses traditional metals along with fossils found objects, and recycled materials. She creates men’s and women’s jewelry, all original designs.

NC Artist

Katie BC of Durham, NC does oil paintings on canvas, using a combination of brush and palette knife application.

A 2017 Rising Art Star

  • Business Name: Katie BC
  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: SB-7

Veronica and David Bennett of Meadows of Dan, VA are a team specializing in lampworking, kiln forming, and casting their own glass. They construct their sculptures by soldering and welding glass with semiprecious stones, fossils, and historical objects.

Becky Blair of Charlotte, NC embraces color and texture using hand-cut, tooled, and dyed leather components that are thoughtfully composed and joined with eyelets or rivets to create wearable artworks. Additions may include vintage hardware, sterling silver-framed stone cabochons, or found objects.

NC Artist

Brian Bortz of Durham, NC blends hardwoods, wood veneers, and shell to create marquetry and inlaid mosaics on a variety of furniture and furnishings.

NC Artist

John Bowen of Boca Raton, FL creates what he describes as “painterly realistic” watercolors, working from photos he takes.

Juan Carlos Cahue of Ocala, FL is a silversmith and goldsmith who creates unique contemporary and one of a kind jewelry using hand crafted techniques.

  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: D9

Jay Canterbury of Holmes Beach, FL uses film or digital cameras and avaliable natural light to create natural abstract photographs of nature and details within nature as he found it. He uses not Photoshop and prints on museum quality paper and framing.

Adair Carroll of Durham, NC does printmaking and drawings of original ideas in manga by hand and digitally, telling stories of hope, anti-bullying, and dreams coming true.

A 2017 Rising Art Star

  • Media: Drawing
  • Booth: SB-1

Dennis Cobble of Knoxville, TN hikes into the mountains to capture original landscape photos, with a special interest in waterfalls. He then builds the frames from scratch, print the photographs, mounts the photos and cuts his own matting.

Sara Cohan of Nashville, TN uses a variety of techniques to emboss silver with plate ware, architectural remnants, and semiprecious stones to create original designs.

Ruben Corzo of Wilmington, NC unites thin polyester cords and semi-precious stones in micro-macramé settings.

NC Artist

Michael Costello of Willis, VA hand carves hardwood and combines it with carved stone weights to create elegant kinetic sculptures.

  • Business Name: Costello Sculpture
  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: A1

John Denis of Chula Vista, CA layers glass and acrylic in a hand carved form by heating and cooling the surfaces, coining the process as slow fused glass.

Julia Dressler of Clarksville, VA creates artistic “Americana” photography depicting life in the mid 1900s, featuring vintage vehicles, country stores, filling stations & fragments of life during that time period.

John Elliot of Holly Springs, NC plays with the juxtaposition of organic and inorganic elements, resulting in images which echo natural forms, but with a mechanical twist, all executed in acrylic or other traditional media.

NC Artist

  • Business Name: Zendustria
  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: C66

Tom Eriksen of Avon, NC presses skate board deck veneers together, carves down through the veneers then applies three coats of water-based poly urethane.

NC Artist

Brian Evans is a potter from Wilmington, NC who creates utilitarian and sculptural ceramics using wheel and hand-building techniques. His glazes emulate weathered and eroded surfaces.

NC Artist

Linda and Jim Farley of Durham, NC combine scroll and saw art, and wood burning to make their works.

A 2017 Rising Art Star

  • Business Name: Mermaid Arts
  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: SB-9

Paul Flack of Smyrna, GA uses an airbrush to stain Venetian plaster with water-soluble graphite and a resin finish.

Guy Fouvo and Germain Ekamby of Alpharetta, GA handcraft wooden sculptures that are used to amplify music played from phones and other devices.

  • Business Name: Mangobeat
  • Media: Wood
  • Booth: C16

Paul Freundt of Talking Rock, GA makes sculptural furniture ranging from chairs and tables to small items like candle holders and vases. He uses mostly in metal, with some wood and stone, with various finishes from brushed to patinated and oxidized.

Kazuko Fuller of Chesapeake, VA creates unique artwork and jewelry using wire, metal, and recycled materials.

Janet Gaddy of Brown Summit, NC uses a multi-level firing schedule to grow zinc crystals on the surface of wheel-thrown porcelain pots.

NC Artist

Anne Gaines creates her work from an intricate Reduction Linocut: hand-pulled relief prints in small editions using a linoleum plate carved with Japanese gouges. Water soluble ink is applied in layers from a single plate onto 90 lb hot press paper. A separate carving of and printing from plate for each color.

  • Business Name: Anne Gaines
  • Media: Printmaking
  • Booth: C13

Avery Groves of Charlottesville, NC hand fabricates jewelry in 14kt and 18kt gold incorporating fine bezel-set gemstones and rare minerals.

NC Artist

  • Business Name: AG Jewelers
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: A27

Ruchi Gupta of Glen Allen, VA creates her own molds, then slip casts, paints, carves, and adds original screen prints and/or decals to her ceramic works.

Tessa Guze of Durham, NC paints with oil on stretched canvas. Most work is done for commissions, usually pet portraits, using a photo for primary reference and a background that will work well with it.

A 2017 Rising Art Star

  • Media: Painting
  • Booth: SB-10

Charity Hall of Blacksburg, VA celebrates biodiversity while supporting environmental conservation. She uses traditional metalsmithing and enameling techniques, incorporating recycled sterling silver, gemstones, vitreous enamel, salvaged museum specimens, and fossils.

Jeehyun Hoke of Chapel Hill, NC primarily paints her whimsical artworks with watercolors and uses other materials to create texture.

NC Artist

Kathleen Hunt of Conway, SC creates kaleidoscopes of fused and stained glass inspired by found objects.

Claire Jacobs of Raleigh, NC creates hand-fabricated forms that explore pattern and color juxtapositions. Materials allow her to accent the sculptural quality of small, fabricated forms.

NC Artist

Carrie Jacobson of Wachapreague, VA makes big, bright, and evocative landscapes, cow-scapes, florals and figurative pieces using a palette knife and bold oils.

Steven Kelly of Wilmington, NC uses influences from traditional Asian ceramics, contemporary American design, typography, and street art. Using typographical elements as well as references to graffiti, he creates abstract compositions made of mid-range porcelain.

NC Artist

Dana King of Durham, NC all are made of quality materials, paper, acrylic and Swarovski crystals, made to withstand years of enjoyment.

A 2017 Rising Art Star

  • Media: Paper
  • Booth: SB-3

Catherine Kramer of Hillsborough, NC creates decorative and functional gourds that are embellished with fibers, beads, inks, dyes, and carvings.

NC Artist

David Leach of Chiefland, FL has scuba dived in 35 countries and these are the pictures to prove it. He uses film, a mechanical camera, medium format, underwater housing, and strobe lights and then develops film for maximum color and mattes and frames each image in his studio.

  • Business Name: Look Out Below
  • Media: Photography
  • Booth: C23

Matthew Leavell of Foster, VA makes works made of painted steel, often using salvaged and upcycled components, creating colorful, whimsical, and unique pieces suitable for permanent indoor or outdoor display.

Andrew Lonon of Durham, NC hand sculpts his works with water based clay, then casts the pieces in Hydrostone – making them finished and ready to hang.

NC Artist

  • Business Name: House Carl
  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: A29

Roberta Marasca of Pittsboro, NC utilizes techniques of chasing, fusing, and forging to set unusual stones and objects in silver, gold, and copper.

NC Artist

Lauren Markley of Raleigh, NC creates sculptural jewelry with sterling silver, wood, textile, enamel, and paint.

NC Artist

Yvonne Miller of Snellville, GA uses a combination of vintage papers, acrylic and texture paint, transfers, and thread. The work she creates is inspired by nature, travel and her heritage (raised in the South by an Asian Mom and an American Dad).

  • Business Name: Y. Miller Art
  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: C18

Edward Morris of Andersonville, TN uses traditional blacksmithing techniques to forge decorative items such as tools, furniture and sculptures.

  • Business Name: Lazy M Forge
  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Booth: D6

Stephen Nesnow of Chapel Hill, NC creates functional stoneware pottery for the home and office by using throwing and slab techniques to create artistic functional forms.

NC Artist

  • Business Name: Lonebrook Pottery
  • Media: Clay
  • Booth: B14

Robert Pell of Hillsborough, NC creates welded bowls and string instruments from motorcycle gears and antique wrenches.

NC Artist

  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: C8

Jeff Pender of Moorsville, NC makes sculptures consisting of two parts; stands and totems. The stand and main form are made from white earthenware, gold luster, and iron wash. The totems are interactive with each block moving independently from one another and made from white earthenware, glass, wood, steel.

NC Artist

  • Business Name: Jeff Pender Ceramics
  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: B28

Jack Pine of Columbus, OH hand blows glass at 2000 degrees using use layers of colored enamels and precious metals, and no paints at all during the process.

Paul Ray of Star, NC handcrafts stoneware glazed with oxblood and wood ash. He specializes in dinnerware and serving pieces.

NC Artist

David Roswell of Durham, NC makes functional, wheel thrown stoneware pottery. His work is high-fired in reduction and soda with a sprayed glaze finish.

A 2017 Rising Art Star

John Russell of Linden, VA creates lathe-turned wood pieces with inlaid semiprecious stone, inlaid pewter, applied gold and silver wire as well as writing instruments made of exotic wood that are cast with feathers, snakeskin, and circuit boards.

Frank Saggus of Watkinsville, GA creates functional, one of a kind birdhouses built from salvaged lumber and found objects.

Rufus Seder of Waltham, MA creates Cinespinners and Lifetiles, which are hand-crafted optically animated artworks. Cinespinners are silk-screened onto acrylic and Lifetiles are hand cast glass tiles that are sand blasted and kiln fired.

Petty Shephard of Kingsport, TN uses all dyes natural from flowers & nuts to weave baskets from the bottom up, adding and interchanging straws to create different designs and sizes. Baskets are finished with leather handles for easy carrying.

  • Business Name: The African Hut
  • Media: Basketweaving
  • Booth: A3

Chatchakorn Sonday of Blythewood, SC handcrafts lifelike flower arrangements using fine, white Thai clay.

Antanas Ulevicius of St. Petersburg, FL uses hand-built stoneware and porcelain to create sculptures with copper slips that are decorated, glazed, and fired in oxidation.

Ian Wegener of Charlotte, NC hand dyes, stains, paints and reworks various woods, from different sources repurposed and refurbished, into unique wall hanging sculptures.

NC Artist

Angela Welti of Okemos, MI knots, crochets, wrap, and sews her designs by hand using silk/nylon blend cord and repurposed stones, silver, wood, and crystal.

  • Business Name: BJ Creations
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: D11

Myron Whitaker of Kannapolis, NC creates wheel thrown and altered pottery, raku fired with bold glazes.

NC Artist

  • Business Name: clayplay
  • Media: Sculpture
  • Booth: C20

Wendy Wilkins of Durham, NC creates vibrant, nature-inspired paintings using alcohol ink. Her prints are also used to create trivets, trays, and other household items.

NC Artist

Annie Grimes Williams of Winston-Salem, NC uses traditional metalsmithing techniques such as shell forming and enameling, but with a contemporary organic style. Her influence comes from her love for the natural world, and she enjoys pushing the limits of techniques and materials to create one-of-a-kind jewelry.

NC Artist

  • Business Name: CopperTide
  • Media: Jewelry
  • Booth: D12