Natyarpana School of Dance & Music

The Natyarpana School of Dance & Music was founded by Ramya S. Kapadia to add to the rich cultural environment of Durham, NC. The parent school, the Natyarpana Dance Company in Brookfield, WI, was founded in 2003 by Guru Kripa Baskaran. “Natyarpana”, the institution, aims to promote the rich cultural heritage of India through classical music and dance.

Classes are offered to both children and adults in Carnatic vocal music (South Indian classical form of music) and Bharatanatyam (South Indian classical form of dance).

The students of Natyarpana will perform dance items that represent a traditional Bharatanatyam recital. Each item will be preceded by a brief history of the art form and a description of the item. The dance items themselves will reflect the essence of the art form – a disciplined and humble endeavor to achieve eternal bliss.