Shaun Jay Magic

I’ve been performing professionally now as a fairs and festival magician in the Raleigh NC area for about fifteen years and counting. Early on in the beginning, I performed quite a bit at the Raleigh State Fairgrounds on the weekends. After about three years, I started my next venture into performing while working at the Streets At Southpoint Mall in Durham NC. I was the official Magician of Southpoint Mall for six years straight! During that time, I was able to learn an amazing wealth of information in regards to gathering large crowds of people and performing for them. A local hot spot with much to see for tourists and North Carolina natives alike, Southpoint Mall was a great place to hone my show in front of tens of thousands of people of all ages, ethnicity, and backgrounds. On a typical weekend I would average 21 shows in total! Roughly 7 or more shows (usually in a row) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. One can imagine the leaps and bounds that my character, show, and repertoire grew during that time!