Takiri Folclor Latino

Takiri means in Quechua language “Who creates music and dance”

The purpose of the group is to show the Latin American culture through dance.

We dance rythms from Latin America, specially from Colombia, Puerto Rico and Peru, including Cumbia, Bambuco, Mapale, Merecumbe, Plena and others.

The majority of our dances have the African, European and Indigenous influence. The African influence in the basic rhythm, the European influence in the wording and the dresses, and the Indigenous influence in the melody and the dance.

Takiri Folclor Latino is a family where we share our family values through the dance. The ages of our members range from 3 to 67 years old, from different nationalities, including Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Puerto Rico, United States and France.